DK Contractors Offers Exterior and Interior Painting


By on April 12, 2017

DK Contractors Offers Exterior and Interior Painting

At DK Contractors, they are in the business of making your home or business look its best with exterior and interior painting.

Owned by Daniel of New Holland, DK Contractors officially started in Fall of 2016. However, Daniel had been painting for many years before that.

Over the years, he would paint homes and barns for friends. He did such a nice job that they suggested he start his own business. He did just that and now you can benefit from his hard work and attention to detail.

With DK Contractors, you get professional quality painting at an affordable price. They specialize in exterior painting. So if your home or business needs to be freshened up, nothing does it like a fresh coat of paint. They will paint the siding, trim, around the garage doors, doors, shutters and any other features. That improves the value of your home and gives it better curb appeal.

He generally recommends Behr paints for quality and selection of colors. However, you can choose any paint brand that you prefer. They provide you with an estimate before they get started and they work to meet your expectations for quality and workmanship.

DK Contractors also does interior painting and they can give your kitchen, living room, family room, bedrooms and all the other rooms in your house a bright new look. Choose lighter colors for a more open look or medium shades to create a cozy setting.

Another area that DK Contractors works in is building roofs for patios and for carports. These are the flat roofs that help to provide weather protection so that you can sit out on your patio and be shielded from rain or the hot sun. For carports, the roof helps to protect the finish of your car and damage from the elements.

If you already have a flat roof over a patio or carport, they can resurface the roof with waterproofing material that keeps the rain out. With flat roofs, you want the rain to flow off to the sides and not puddle on top of the roof. To help protect your roof, call Daniel to get the job done efficiently and at the right price.

For exterior and interior painting and roof waterproofing, call DK Contractors at 826-4122. Get an estimate and get quality work at an affordable price.

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