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By on April 25, 2018

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a roof that will last and keep your home dry for decades, but you do need to know what it takes to get a good roof for less.

Here’s the problem: Just about everyone installs the same roofing materials but the quality of those roofs varies dramatically. The reason is the care that is put into the installation.

“We are dedicated to doing things the right way using the best materials in the industry, always taking the time to ensure debris and nails remain on the roof. Our systems, along with the Equipter 4000, are how we accommodate you, the customer. It is my personal goal that Benji’s Roofing be recognized as one of the cleanest roofing companies in town. It’s how we roof that sets us apart,” says owner Benji.

A name you can trust is Benji’s Roofing. For more than five years, Benji has built his reputation on doing quality roofing installations and repairs. Serving residential customers and commercial businesses, Benji’s Roofing specializes in asphalt shingle roofing, using well known manufacturers like GAF Timberline and IKO. These premium grade, architectural asphalt shingle roofing systems are designed for performance, durability and longevity.

Benji’s Roofing is also unique in that they now offer a very innovative fiberglass roofing system designed to be a better alternative for flat roofs. Specifically fiberglass roofs will last up to 30 years and potentially much longer, requiring very little maintenance. Fiberglass roofs are a great alternative for commercial and rental property owners who are looking for cost effective and long term solutions to their flat roofs. These roofs are seamless and do not rely on adhesives like traditional rubber roofs. Fiberglass roofs are walkable and coated with a gel stain that will simply need to be recoated over time as the color fades. Although the upfront cost is higher than rubber, it will save you money in the long run. Benji’s Roofing is the only company in the area installing these specific roofing systems.

With Benji’s Roofing, customers get a 10 year workmanship warranty with all our roofs. We install up to 20-square roofs in one day, with ice and water guard used on the bottom three feet of roofs. High quality synthetic underlayments are used on all of our roofs. Service after the job and manufacturer warranty are included for all of our roofs.

“Our investment is in you. That’s why our customers love us. You will too.”

Sincerely, Benjamin Duffy

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