An eye in the sky

By on December 19, 2018

The Ephrata Police Department will be using drones for crime scenes, mapping, accidents, and suspect tracking.

“We are moving forward next year with support from a business to upgrade to a significant drone that will allow for infrared, night vision, things of that nature,” said Lt. Thomas Shumaker.

Councilman Shad Lewis asked at the December Adamstown Borough Council meeting if drones will be “put in to service” for Adamstown and if they have “super capabilities.”

“The drones we have now, the pictures we get are recorded from the drone and downloaded later,” said Shumaker. “The drone we’re going to move to next year will allow live feed of what that drone sees to our command post.”

President Randy Good asked how many departments in the county use drones.

“I think we’re up front on this project,” said Shumaker.

The meeting was shorter than usual with only regular audience members in attendance, and no visitors’ business.

In his report, Shumaker commented on a head-on accident on 272 in the borough on Nov. 27.

“We had one serious motor vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer,” said Shumaker. “A passenger in the car is still in a coma and an investigation is still underway.”

Steven Roth from the Adamstown Fire Company warned of a new scam.

“People are getting phone calls, soliciting money,” said Roth. “We don’t do phone-type solicitations, we do our mail-in.”

Council approved the bills.

“I think it’s the lowest sewer plan/electric bill I ever saw, $2,078.17,” said Good. “I think that’s attributable to the new blowers we installed.”

Council adopted the tax rate for 2019.

“There is no increase in taxes,” said Cindy Schweitzer. “It’s 2.041. mils.”

Adamstown has not had an increase in taxes for at least seven years.
The 2019 budget was adopted. The only change from last month was $6,600 for support of the School Resource Officer for the Cocalico School District.

Absent from the meeting were treasurer, Lisa Crouse, council members Jessica Kelly and Alex McManimen.

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