Arment named “Officer in Charge’ of East Cocalico Police

By on December 29, 2015


Photo by Alice Hummer Corporal Terry Arment is the newly appointed Officer In Charge (OIC) of the East  Cocalico Police Department

Photo by Alice Hummer
Corporal Terry Arment is the newly appointed Officer In Charge (OIC) of the East Cocalico Police Department

Twenty-one year veteran East Cocalico officer, Corporal Terry Arment, 48, will lead the East Cocalico Township Police Department until a successful search is completed for a new chief to replace George Beever, who officially retires Dec. 31.

Arment’s duties started Dec. 12 as Beever chose to use some accumulated leave time prior to retirement.

Arment commented on his style of leadership.

“Leadership is not a position or a title; it is leading by action or example,” he said.

“The officers found themselves in a negative situation over the last two years as negotiations for a regional force failed. The light shed on the Cocalico community was negative and none of us here had any control over that situation. I’d like to bring a more positive light to the whole area.”

Still, he said, the force prevailed.

“The core character of our officers is amazing,” said Arment. “Lesser officers would have folded under the same situation. If anything, these officers stepped up the pace and this deserves to be recognized.”

Arment joined the Army after graduation from Garden Spot High School and served eight years.

“For five and a half years I served in Heidelberg, Germany, which is the U.S. Army Command Headquarters for Europe,” he said.

“For a little over a year in Germany I was a military policeman, then I became one of the personal body guards for the four-star commanding general of the U.S. Army in Europe.”

Arment attended the Pennsylvania State University after his Army stint, where he was a criminal justice major.

“My first job was in middle school at the Blue Ball Hotel as a cook, a job which I kept until I left for the Army,” he said.

Arment is active in the local community and likes working with youth.

At his church, Summit View Brethren in Christ in New Holland, he’s been a youth leader for many years. He also serves on the board of directors and plays bass or drums on the worship team.

“I am a member of the Cocalico Community Partnership and the school liaison from the police department,” said Arment.

Through Thursday, East Cocalico and Denver residents might see Arment in and out of a patrol car at any hour.

“The shifts are set until the end of the year so I’ll remain on patrol rotation,” he said. “After that, most likely I’ll be on day shift.

“I’ll also continue the task of reviewing all crime reports and assigning investigative follow-up, which is not a task a chief would typically do.”

There are other duties he’ll be assuming.

“There are administrative tasks that I was one position removed from and I’ll be picking them up,” Arment said.

From a community standpoint, Arment will be transitioning into his new role.

“I’ll make some one-on-one contacts with business owners and civic leaders,” he said. “I think the foundation in life for anything is relationships.”

Constancy within the department is also crucial, he said.

“Probably the biggest thing is that the officers in this department in the last 2 ½ years have come through a tumultuous time and I hope to add stability,” said Arment.

“Over the years our officers have delivered babies, performed CPR which brought people back to life and saved people from burning buildings. I am honored to serve as the Officer in Charge for this force.”


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