Auker named Cocalico Republican of the Year

By on May 1, 2019

              Brian S. Auker

Brian S. Auker, life member of Smokestown Volunteer Fire Company in East Cocalico Township, was named the 2019 Republican of the Year at the group’s recent annual banquet.

Active since early 1986, Auker served over 31 years as a volunteer firefighter. He became captain in 1987, and was secretary for several years. He was assistant chief, deputy chief and served as chief for 10 years until his retirement as an active firefighter in 2018.

Auker noted that he never looked for publicity and would agree to answer a few questions. When asked of what he’s most proud, he said, “It was great to work as a team. We increased our capabilities by acquiring up-to-date equipment and facilities, and trained to meet standards and expectations of the community. Most of us became fully certified firefighters and rescue technicians.”

When asked about situations that stand out in his memory, he noted that there have been some tragic fires and accidents, along with large incidents.

“The calls I remember most,” said Auker, “are some of the funny ones. We’ve had some wild animal rescues and pet rescues, including an iguana named Floyd incident that was truly hilarious.”
When asked what he hopes for the future of his fire company and other volunteer companies, Auker said, “I’d like to see the effort to form a consolidated department get back on track. We should follow long-term plans, increase recruitment of additional volunteers and focus on efficient use of equipment and manpower. That’s what the fire service must do to survive.”

Auker and his wife, Cheryl, love to travel. They’ve been to all 50 states, 10 countries and half of the Canadian provinces. The couple has two sons and two, soon to be three, grandchildren.
Auker is a graduate of DeVry Technical Institute in New Jersey. He works for Triangle Communications in New Holland, and also owns a communications tower site as a side business. He’s an Extra Class Amateur radio operator.

At his church, Weaverland AFC, Auker is the lead technician for lighting and video and lead teacher for his Sunday School class.

Auker added that he’s a Republican and loves our community.

Barry Weaver, chairman of the Cocalico Republican Committee said over 90 people attended the April 12 social hour and dinner at Weaver’s Banquet facility. Almost all municipal and county Republican office holders were in attendance.

Weaver, in his closing remarks, said it was the tenth anniversary of the club’s sponsoring a student and parent to attend the annual PA Leadership Conference. Attending in 2019 was Cocalico student Andrew Stevens, and his father, John.
Alice Hummer is a correspondent for The Ephrata Review.


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