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By on November 18, 2015


Horton’s Boarding Kennels has new owners.

Lisa and Dean Martin have sold Horton’s Boarding Kennels to Tammy Carroll and Tom Lascoskie of Reading. The sale will be final Dec. 31.

The kennel, located at 940 Schoeneck Road, West Cocalico Township, has been a part of Lisa Martin’s family since it was opened by her grandparents, Sandford and Betty Horton, in 1940.

“To the best of my knowledge it is the oldest kennel in Lancaster County,” she said.

Lisa said the kennel started as a little yard shed that housed five dogs. Her grandparents eventually built the first section of the kennel, which held 23 dogs, and then expanded from there.

“My grandmother ran the kennel and my grandfather did the grooming,” she said.

Lisa said she and her husband took over the kennel after her grandparents retired in 1981, but didn’t actually move on to the property until 2001 after they passed away.

“They wanted to stay in their home and I was glad to let them stay as long as they could,” she said. “We just enjoyed watching the dogs.”

As to why they are selling the business, Lisa said, “It’s just time.”

“We have been married 38 years and been together since we were 14,” she said, “and it’s time to pass it on to someone that’s younger and able to do what we did 15 years ago.

“And it’s getting to the point where I need a change,” she said.

Lisa is going to miss parts of the business.

“I’m going to miss the dogs, No. 1, and the people, some of them, yes,” she said. “But I’m just ready to not have the seven days a week.”

Lisa said running a kennel is like running a farm.

“If you have animals in here, you need to be here, you need to be attentive,” she said.

Lisa said although she is looking forward to moving on, things are going to be different.

“It’s going to be strange,” she said. “I was raised here. It was a real treat to get the house I was raised in, but it’s time.”

Photo by Dena Reedy Shown are Tom Lascoskie and Tammy Carroll, the new owners of Horton’s Boarding Kennels.  A meet and greet is scheduled for Nov. 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the kennel.

Photo by Dena Reedy
Shown are Tom Lascoskie and Tammy Carroll, the new owners of Horton’s Boarding Kennels. A meet and greet is scheduled for Nov. 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the kennel.

A meet-and-greet is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 21, to introduce Tammy and Tom. Light refreshments and bags of biscuits will be offered.

The new owners say they have no plans to change the name.

In fact, Tom says their No. 1 goal is to maintain the kennel’s reputation.

“We want to keep the kennel’s quality name,” he said.

It has always been a dream of Tammy’s to own a kennel; and they have looked as far as South Carolina for an established one to purchase.

Tom said about 10-plus years ago he even used Horton’s Boarding Kennels when he went away on vacation and thought it was a nice place.

“About a week before the ‘For Sale’ sign went up here I drove by with a friend and said, ‘Now if that place ever went up for sale, that would be a nice place to own,’” he said. “A week later, my sister, who works at the Denver Nursing Home, sent me a text and said a kennel in Ephrata is for sale.”

Tom realized it had to Horton’s and Tammy immediately called her real estate agent.

Tammy said her agent told her there was no listing for a kennel and asked her who the real estate agent was. He called the realtor and found out the listing was just being typed. The couple asked if they could see it and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tammy has big plans for the kennel.

“I have a long list of things I want to do,” she said. “But first I want to put in a pool (for the dogs).”

She said once the pool is in, plans are to have pool parties on the weekend.

Some things will stay the same at the kennel, such as the grooming and dog day care.

Tammy said she attended dog grooming school two years ago and has her own shop with more than 100 repeat customers.

“I just love dogs,” she said. “You get to know all their idiosyncrasies. They are like kids.”

She has also been involved in Greyhound rescue since 1997, adopting five.

Plans for the future include dog training and perhaps selling some type of snacks.

For more information, contact the kennel at 733-4544.


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