Boy Scout cabin hits minor glitch

By on July 31, 2013


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Denver Borough Manager, Mike Hession, at Denver Council’s July 29 meeting, explained that a representative of the Denver Lions Club called him to say that the club is not sure if they will donate the $7,500 formerly committed to building a new Scout cabin to replace the one demolished by flood waters.

"The Lions Club thought that the Scout room would be built on to the existing Rec Center," said Randy Meckley. "The Scouting situation is weak."

"Earlier in the year," Hession said, "when it became apparent that adding a room to the existing Rec Center would drive up costs due to items needed such as a new roof and additions required for ADA compliance, it was decided to stick with a new, smaller stand-alone building. The Lions Club representatives on the Boy Scout Cabin committee, who we rely upon to get information back to the club members, indicated that the monies would be available for construction of this new cabin."

"That could be so," said Meckley, "but we need to take another vote. The vote we took was to contribute money for a Scout room to be added on to the Rec Center."

Hession explained that the new Scout cabin, to be built adjacent to the Rec Center parking lot, will permit baseball sign-ups and Denver Memorial Park meetings to be held there. Meckley added that perhaps the Lions could have a brief business meeting at their summer picnic instead of waiting until their meeting in September.

"That would be helpful," said Hession.

Hession suggested that money could also be donated toward the work of extending the parking lot, since it will be the same lot as the Rec parking lot, which is currently small.

Two discussion items produced much talk and no answers. The first item, the on-going police coverage issue for next year due to no new police contract ended with agreement that until firm financial numbers are given by both East Cocalico and Northern Lancaster Regional, a clear comparison is not possible.

An advertised, public meeting of regional leaders currently receiving East Cocalico Police coverage on August 5 at 7 p.m. at East Cocalico Township’s municipal building will discuss the police contract issue.

The 1975 N. Reading Road building, originally purchased to become a recreation building, continues to age, require major maintenance considerations, and drain budgets from East and West Cocalico Townships, Adamstown Borough and Denver Borough.

A building walk-through by a commercial Lancaster realtor led East Cocalico to ask the other municipal leaders if they’re interested in getting competitive proposals from other realtors to keep the commission amount (about six percent) in check.

Several Denver council members, after hearing about the deteriorated condition of the building and property, the underground fuel tanks and heavy use the site receives, asked for Hession to arrange a tour of the facility for them to better understand the issue.

Council members expressed reluctance to continue paying money on the building, especially since it is apparent that any sale would not yield the two million dollars it was worth and costly repairs are needed.

Denver council tabled the issue. The property is on the agenda for discussion on Aug. 5.

In other business:

Council accepted the clean audit for Denver Borough non-uniformed pension plan compliance from Jan. 1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2012.

Council adopted a resolution which establishes a policy for procurement of professional services for the borough non-uniformed employee pension plan. This recommendation was made by auditors of the non-uniformed pension plan, who also gave the borough a model to follow.

Council approved Trinity United Methodist Church’s permit renewal for a yard sale on the second Friday and Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to noon. Monies made will be used for a new church furnace and community outreach.

Approved a fireworks permit for Sept. 14 at the Denver Fair.

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