Class of 2012 prepares to graduate Honored for excellence

By on June 6, 2012

Cocalico High School will turn the page to the future tonight. But during the past few weeks several events have already been held to honor the students. One of these was a baccalaureate service on Sunday in the high school auditiorium; the other, a senior awards ceremony on May 30.

The organizations presenting the awards at the ceremony, their recipients and amounts were as follows: Adamstown Area Women’s Club, Ryan Conner, $500; Adamstown Lions Club, Tyler Hoppman and Brooke Burkholder, $500 each; Brossman Charitable Trust, Haley Irvine, Samantha Young and Emily Zimmerman, $3,000 each; Clarence W. and Miriam J. Good Memorial Scholarship, Megan Caiazzo, $500; Clyde S. Kulp Memorial Award, Emily Zimmerman, $500; Cocalico Area Republican Committee, Kasey Morton and Joseph Turner, $500 each; Cocalico Biologicals Inc., Megan Caiazzo and Collin Greer, $500 each; Cocalico Community Partnership Award, Max DiMarco and Himayapsill Batista Quevedo, $250 each; Cocalico Education Association , Amber Smith, $1,000; Cocalico Education Foundation, Leah Wallace, Megan Caiazzo, Aubree Robitzer, Samantha Young, and Lauren Waskowicz, $500 each; Cocalico Education Foundation, Ryan D. Kramer Memorial, Sommer Wike, $1,000; Cocalico Football Boosters, Alex Smoker, $500; Cocalico High School Academic Achievement Award, Lauren Waskowicz, $150; Cocalico High School Art Department, Victoria Sinyagin (2 D Art), $50; Brandon Martin, (3 D Art), $50; Cocalico High School Band Boosters, Michael Witmer, $500; Rebecca Kase (Jazz), Liam Galiano (Jazz), Rebecca Kase (Marching Band); Kristin Heffner (Marching Band), $100 each; Cocalico High School English "Anthony Fritz" Award, Caitlin Miller, $250; Cocalico High School English Department Vocabulary Award, Lily Silknetter, $100; and Liam Galiano, $50; Cocalico High School Faculty Award, Amber Smith, $300; Cocalico High School National Honor Society Valedictorian Samantha Young and Salutatorian Lauren Waskowicz, $50 each; Samantha Young, Leah Wallace, and Daniel Mullins, $150 each; Nick Voutsinos and Sarah Mohler, $50 each; and Lauren Waskowicz , $300; Cocalico High School, Newspaper Award, Emily Bowman and Patricia Saye, $100 each; and Cocalico High School Science Department, Joshua Lorah, $50.

In addition, Cocalico High School Student Government, Brian Mulligan, $250; Cocalico High School Technology Education Department, Brandon Martin, $100; Cocalico High School Theater Award, Aubree Robitzer, $100; Cocalico High School TV Production Award, Shanell Ott, Kelsey Bishop, Mason Reiff, $50 each; Cocalico Ice Hockey Boosters, Max DiMarco, $250; Cocalico Union class of 1958, Landon Allen, $100; Cocalico Union class, Kenny Hirneisen Memorial, Alex Smoker, $100; Cocalico Union class of 1961, Haley Irvine, $1,500; Covance Inc., Ravi Patel, $500; Denver High School Alumni Association, Brian Mulligan (Leadership), Lauren Waskowicz (Language), Tara Rakiewicz (Athletics), Emily Zimmerman (Fine Arts), Joshua Lorah (Scholarship) and Brandi Brooks(CTC), $750 each; Denver Lions Club, Victoria Sinyagin (Foreign Language), Tyler Brubaker (Tech Ed), Emily Sechrist (LEO Member) and Samantha Young (Literary Excellence), $1,000 each; Denver Nursing Home, Karley Swavely, $250; Denver-Adamstown Rotary Club, Leah Wallace, Josh Richardson and Samantha Young, $1,000; Dream Ride Projects Community Service Recognition, Matthew Jones, $1,000; East Cocalico Alumni Association, Josh Richardson and Lauren Waskowicz, $500 each; East Cocalico Lions Club, Leah Wallace (LEO), Josh Richardson and Lauren Waskowicz, $1,200 each; Clyde and Bea Ebersole Award, Kyle Felpel, $500; Ephrata AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 136, Austin Landis and Patricia Saye, $250; F & M Hat Company Inc., Trevor Bensel, $150; Floyd W. Sweigart Memorial Music Education Scholarship, Joshua Lorah, $500; Hannah Garman, Amy Major, $500; The Gockley Award, Jordan Miller, Haley Irvine, Emily Zimmerman and Amber Smith, $3,500 each; Grimes Family Memorial Scholarship, Esther Yang, $500; and Guy K. Bard, Evan Hinkley, $250.

Also, Harding-Yost Insurance Association Inc., Nick Savitsky, $1,000; James Brian Nevling Memorial Scholarship, Leah Wallace, $1,500; Jesse Weitzel Memorial Scholarship, Kyle Felpel and Jerrad Seifrit, $500; John C. Pittenger Scholarship sponsored by the Cocalico Democrats, Lauren Waskowicz, $500; Jostens Award, Haley Irvine, Brian Mulligan and Jordan Miller, plaque; Kalas Manufacturing Inc., Alex Charles, $500; Katlynn Burkholder Memorial Scholarship, Kyle Crills, $250; Kenneth A. Leid Memorial Award, Drew Weinhold, $500; Lancaster County Bicentennial Award, Gillian Diestel, $200; Lancaster County Historical Society, Nick Voutsinos, certificate; Lancaster County MOAA, (Military Officers Association), Lauren Waskowicz, $1,200; Mitch Hummel Memorial Award, Mitch Denlinger, $1,000; Patriotic Order Sons of America, Christopher J. Powell, $1,000; Pepperidge Farm Inc., Mitch Denlinger, $500; Philip E. Cardin Memorial Aevidum Scholarship, Patricia Saye, Max DiMarco and Sawyer Martin; Precision Medical Products Inc., Dan Mullins and Josh Grasser, $125; ProActive Pain Relief and Wellness, Landon Allen, $500; Quiz Bowl Alumni Award, Marco Aminto (Academic) and Bleu Miller (Character/Leadership), $250 each; Reamstown Athletic Association Scholarship, Brittany Simmons (Academic) and Kam Mueller (Athletic), $500 each; Reamstown Athletic Association Ladies Auxiliary, Austin DeHaven, $250; Reinholds Lions Club, Evan Hinkley (Theater Arts), Samantha Young (Math), Lauren Waskowicz (Science) and Kayla Bollinger (Music), $500 each; Annie Shoemaker (LEO), $700; Schoeneck Area Civic Association, Emily Zimmerman, $2,000; The Calvin Benne Memorial Award Samantha Bates, Aubree Robitzer and Trevor Bensel (golfer) , $500 each; The U.S. Government Principles of the Republic, Patricia Saye and Lauren Waskowicz, $500; Lauren Trefny Memorial Scholarship, Sarah Mohler, Joshua Lorah, Megan Caiazzo, Victoria Sinyagin, William Galiano, Amy Major, Kelsey Bishop and Shanelle Ott, $500 each; U.S. Army, Austin DeHaven and Kari Longstaff, both certificates; U.S. Marine Corps, Kyle Felpel Avery Longstaff, Samantha Young, Josh Lorah and Rebecca Kase (music), all certificates; Weaver Industries Inc., Dustin Finefrock, $250; Weinhold, Nickel & Company, LLP, Sawyer Martin, $1,000; Woman’s Club of Denver, Jane Volynets, $1,500; Emily Zimmerman, $1,000; Sarah Mohler and Joshua Lorah, $750; and Pennsylvania School of Pastry Arts, YTI Career Institute, Ben Dagen, $5,000. More CLASS OF 2012, page A10

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