Cocalico grad lives through Ross Township shooting

By on August 7, 2013

Christopher Reber, a 2004 graduate of Cocalico High School and graduate of Temple University, is a reporter for the Pocono Record and was covering a municipal meeting when a man began shooting, killing three, according to Lancaster Online.

Reber was among about 15 in the meeting room and managed to crawl out and hide behind a vehicle outside, about 50 yards from the shooter in the parking lot.

Residents and officials attending the meeting were able to wrestle the shooter to the ground, who was also injured during the incident.

"There were real heroes here. People who did not consider their own lives in protecting others," Reber told his editors at the Pocono Record.

Three residents were reported dead and included Chestnuthill Township Supervisor David Fleetwood and residents Gerard J. Kozic, 53, of Saylorsburg, and James LaGuardia, 64, also of Saylorsburg, according to an article in the Pocono Record.

"Rockne Newell, the shooter, was a self-proclaimed junk collector who has had a long-time feud with the township for keeping a junkyard on his property," reported the Pocono Record. He was captured by police and was treated for a gunshot wound.

According to an article in the Pocono Record on Tuesday, Newell was charged with three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

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