Cocalico Graduates Seniors suit up for the big night

By on June 5, 2013



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They can hardly contain themselves.

Seniors at Cocalico are eager for Thursday’s graduation, which takes place at 7 p.m. at Calvary Church on Landis Valley Road, Lancaster.

Valedictorian Emily Cuthbert will address the students with some words of wisdom and encouragement along with classmates Sonya Fry (Salutatorian), Diwyanshu Agnihotri (class president) and Angela Boronow, Kara Hess, Janelle High and Brooke Stafford (senior speakers).

"It is a big night in the life of the school and of course, the seniors," said superintendent Bruce Sensenig.

But before the big night, Cocalico seniors participated in Baccalaureate services Tuesday night and were honored at the annual awards night last Wednesday, May 29 at the high school auditorium.

The following is a list of students awarded 2013 awards and scholarships:

Adamstown Area Women’s Club to Jenna Reisig for $500

Adamstown Lions Club to Danielle Yost for $1,000

Athletic Training Award for $150 to Ryan Monteleone

Brossman Charitable Trust awarded $3,000 to the following students: Emily Cuthbert, Jill Eiding, Sonya Fry, Rachel Marstellar and Rachel Roseboro

Clarence W. and Miriam J. Good Memorial scholarship to Rebecca Grube for $500

Clyde S. Kulp Memorial award to Rachel Marstellar for $500

Cocalico Area Republican Committee to Amanda King and Bradley Auker for $500

Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. to David Wenger and Sonya Fry for $500

Cocalico Community Partnership awardedJennifer Newman and Zachary Weinhold $250

Cocalico Education association awarded the following students with scholarships: Bradley Auker ($1,000), Oliver Denlinger ($500), Bradley Auker ($1,000), Kristen Boyer ($500), Wyatt Dungan ($500), Jennifer ($500), Brooke Stafford ($500) and Allison Witmer ($500).

Cocalico Education Foundation Ryan D. Kramer Memorial to Zachary Weinhold for $1,000

Cocalico Education Foundation Class of 2013 Golf Scholarship for $1,000 to Nathan Sauder

Cocalico Football Boosters to Zachary Feltch for $250

Cocalico High School Art Department awarded Jonathan Moyer, Ashley Ohman and Dalton Delpiano with a $50 scholarship

Cocalico High School Band Boosters recipients of $100 were: Ryan Good, Sarah Hibbert, Matthew Mitchell, Alexander Dillon, Angela Borronow, and Rachel Marstellar; Emily Frey was awarded $500

Cocalico High School English "Anthony Fritz" Award was given to Angela Borronow for $250.00

Cocalico High School English Dept. Vocabulary Awards were given to Marissa Natale and Amanda King

Cocalico High School English Department Academic Excellence Award to Emily Cuthbert for $50

Cocalico High School Faculty Award for $300 was awarded to Lucas DiCiano

Cocalico High School National Honor Society recipients were: Emily Cuthbert, Sonya Fry, Ryan Good, Amanda Drexel, Sonya Fry, Jenna Reisig, Layne Gable and Kara Hess

Cocalico High School Newspaper to Jenna Weichter and Layne Gable for $100

The Science Department to Megan Glover for $100

Student Government to Diwyanshu Agnithotri for $250

The Technology Education Department to Austin Krick for $100

The Theater Award to Ryan Monteleone of $100

The Television Production Award in Excellence in TV to Kristina McKinney for $100 and Olivia Fryberger for $100

Cocalico Ice Hockey Boosters to Jesse Enck for $250

Cocalico Union Class of 1958 to Kayli Lescoe for $100

Cocalico Union Class Kenny Hirneisen Memorial to Frankie Padilla for $100

Compleat Restorations/Lanc. Co. Fire Chiefs to Bradley Auker for $1,000.00

Covance, Inc. to Samantha Blouch for $250

Denver Fair Committee to Matthew Mitchell for $300

Denver High School Alumni Association: Excellence in Language Arts to Sonya Fryfor $750

Denver High School Alumni Association awarded $750 to the following students: Diwyanshu Agnihotri, Megan Glover, Makiya Kreisher, Kara Hess, Knute Weber

Denver Lions Club: Literacy Excellence in Memory of Richard C. Funk to Sarah Hibbert for $1,000

Denver Lions Club: Excellence in Technology Education to Bradley Auker for $1,000

Denver Lions Club: Excellence in Foreign Language to Thomas Koller for $1,000.00

Denver Lions Club: Outstanding Leo Club Member to Megan Glover for $1,000

Denver Health and Rehabilitation Center to Jenna Weachter for $250.00

Denver-Ephrata Rotary Club gave $1,00 to the following students: Diwyanshu Agnihotri, Rachel Marstellar and Sonya Fry

East Cocalico Alumni Association to David Wenger for $500

East Cocalico Alumni Association to Rebecca Grube for $500

East Cocalico Lions Club: Leo Club Member to Rebecca Grube for $1,200

East Cocalico Lions Club: Scholarship, Community Service, Citizenship to Megan Glover for $1,200

East Cocalico Lions Club: Scholarship, Community Service, Citizenship to Alexander Dillon for $1,200

Ephrata AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 136 to Halle High-Benson for $250

Ephrata AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 137 to Devin Wiley for $250

F&M Hat Company Inc. to Logan High for $150

Farm and Home Foundation to Matthew Mitchell for $1,000

Floyd W. Sweigart Memorial Music Education Scholarship to Kara Hess for $500

Fraternal Order of Police of Lancaster to Makiya Kreisher for $2,000

Hannah Garman to Kyle Garman for $500

The Gockley Award gave $3,500 to the following students: Jill Eiding, David Wenger, Rachel Marstellar and Diwyanshu Agnithotri

Grimes Family Memorial Scholarship to Wyatt Dungan for $300

Guy K. Bard to Bradley Auker for $250

Harding-Yost Insurance Assoc., Inc. to Wyatt Dungan for $1,000

Building Independent Contractors Scholarship to Nathan Sauder for $1,000

Home Builders Assoc. of Metro. Harrisburg to Nathan Sauder for $1,000

James Brian Nevling Memorial Scholarship to David Wenger for $1,500

Jesse Weitzel Memorial Scholarship to Tyler Buckwalter for $500

Jesse Weitzel Memorial Scholarship to Hiriam Tapia for $500

John C. Pittenger Scholarship sponsored by the Cocalico Democrats to Caitlin Cooper for $500

Joseph F. Kirjiaka Memorial Scholarship to Zachary Weinhold for $1,000

Jostens Award were given to: Casandra Aminto, Brooke Stafford, Taylor Esterly, Kristina McKinney and Larissa Formica

Kalas Manufacturing, Inc. to Zachary Weinhold for $500

Katlynn Burkholder Memorial Scholarship to Destiny Haines for $250

Kenneth A. Leid Memorial Award to Christopher Ward for $1,000

Lancaster County Bicentennial Award to Emily Cuthbert for $200

Lancaster County Historical Society certificate to Daniel Bucolo

Leadership Alumni Award to David Wenger for $250

Leadership Alumni Award to Sonya Fry for $250

Mitch Hummel Memorial Award to Zachary Rissler for $3,000

Penn State Club of Lancaster to Thomas Koller for $1,000

Pepperidge Farm, Inc. to Alec Sensenig for $500

Philip E. Cardin Memorial Aevidum Scholarships were awarded to the following students: Zachary Weinhold, Jill Eiding, Julia Stauffer, Samantha Vulopas and Benjamin Porter

Precision Medical Products, Inc. to Oliver Denlinger and Janelle High for $125

ProActive Pain Relief & Wellness to Shannon Hoeveler for $500

Reamstown Athletic Association Scholarships for $3,000 went to the following students: Tyler Buckwalter, Paige Moyer, Julia Stauffer, Olivia Fryberger, Collin Glassey, Kyle Garman, Zachary Weinhold and Rachel Roseboro plus $250

Reamstown Athletic Association Ladies Auxiliary to Zachary Weinhold for $250

Reinholds Lions Club: Math Award to Jennifer Newman for $500

Reinholds Lions Club: Science Awardto Kristen Boyer for $500

Reinholds Lions Club: Music Award to Emily Cuthbert for $500

Reinholds Lions Club: Theater & Arts Award to Casandra Aminto for $500

Reinholds Lions Club: Community Service Award to Jennifer Newman for $700

Schoeneck Area Civic Association to Wesley Rathman for $2,000

Society Of Farm Women #3 to Matthew Mitchell fir $500

The Calvin Benne Memorial Award: Kutztown to Kelly Toner and Patrick Weidmanfor $500

The Calvin Benne Memorial Award: Golf to Hans Shollenberger, Nathan Sauder and Nathan Artz for $500

The U.S. Government Principles of the Republic to Jennifer Newman for $500

The Big 33 Scholarship Foundation to Emily Lagaza for $1,000

Lauren Trefny Memorial Scholarship for $150 to Francesco Elia, Rebecca Grube, Rachel Marstellar and Paige Moyer

United States Army certificate to Oliver Denlinger, Layne Gable, Taylor Schmeck and Jeremy Haldeman

United States Marine Corps: Distinguished Male Athlete certification to Thomas Koller

United States Marine Corps: Distinguished Female Athlete certification to Shannon Hoeveler

United States Marine Corps: Scholastic Excellence Male certification to David Wenger

United States Marine Corps: Scholastic Excellence Female certification to Emily Cuthbert

Weaver Health Food to Sarah Hibbert for $300

Weaver Markets, Inc. to Thomas Koller for $1,000

Weaver Industries, Inc. to David Wenger for $250.00

Weinhold, Nickel & Company, Jesse Enck for $1,000

Woman’s Club of Denver: Shirley Redcay Memorial to Kara Hess for $1,000.00

Woman’s Club of Denver: Mildred Weaver Memorial to Sonya Fry for $1,000

Woman’s Club of Denver: Mildred Weaver Memorial to Bradley Auker for $500

Woman’s Club of Denver: Financial Need and Community Service scholarships awarded to Oliver Denlinger, Emily Lagaso, Rachel Marstellar, Matthew Mitchell and Nathan Stewart

Perfect Attendance Certificates were given to: Aryn Beiler, Amber Boyd, Daniel Bucol, Sarah Hibbert, Rachel Marstellar, Emily Smith, Oliver Denlinger, Daniel Bucolo

Senate of PA: Good Citizenship certificate to Makiya Kreisher and Zachary Weinhold


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