Cocalico three-year plan on review through Oct. 17

By on September 28, 2016

A detailed plan outlining Cocalico School District’s goals for the next three years is now officially out for review.

Stephen Melnyck, assistant to the superintendent for secondary education, presented the 2017-2020 comprehensive plan to the school board Monday night, Sept. 19.

“It’s an exhaustive look at the many different programs that we offer to our community,” said Melnyck, explaining a yearlong series of meetings and committees that identified strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to address them.

The state-required plan assessed the district’s readiness in eight areas, including use of Pennsylvania standards, instructional practices, assessments and grading, safe and supportive environment, materials and resources, professional development and special education services.

The plan includes details on how the district can improve its technology — already being addressed by the one-to-one student computer plan — and help transient or homeless students.

The strategies are built out on a district level, but also include initiatives and year-by-year targets for each school.

The plan will be available for review at the school district’s administration building and at the Adamstown Area Library for 28 days. The board will adopt a final version at its next meeting on Oct. 17, then submit it to the state for approval.

Also, the board agreed to opt out of a federal act that requires parity in mental health and addiction treatment coverage.

Business Manager Sherri Stull said the district has opted out for the last two years because it offers its own employer-paid employee-assistance program, which covers short-term counseling and therapy services for more than 350 covered employees and their families.

The district also provides coverage for in-patient mental health and addiction services through referrals. Any non-federal government entity can be exempt from the 2008 act; the board voted 9-0 to approve the move.

The board also renewed its annual liability policy that covers legal costs for district administrators and school board members in the case of non-injury claims. The one-year plan covers wrongful acts like sexual harassment and civil rights violations, as well as damages, at a cost of $16,746.

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