CSD celebrates score in the 90s

By on April 30, 2014


Cocalico School Board posted some big scores at its April 21 meeting.

The numbers were unveiled in the District Performance Profile.

The profile is based on the collective information presented for Cocalico’s five buildings which include three elementary buildings, the middle school and high school.

The overall district score was 92 out of 100, said Dr. Ella Musser, assistant superintendent.

“This is a score worth celebrating, as it is well above the score of 70 that our acting State Secretary of Education, Dr. Carolyn Dumeresque, says is acceptable,” Musser said.

Point values in the profiles are broken down by: the percentage of students who scored proficient or advanced on PSSA or Keystone exams in Math/Algebra I, Reading/English Literature, Writing, and Science/Biology. Points are also given for academic growth in each of these areas.

Points are awarded for attendance and graduation rates and the availability of Advanced Placement courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

The percentage of students who attend the Career and Technology Center (CTC) and score in the advanced or proficient ranges on the industry-based competency exam also add points to the profile.

Extra points are awarded for advanced scores on PSSA, Keystone exams, AP tests, and the competency exams.

Cocalico students performed well in each of these areas and especially so in the area of student growth, said Musser.

“This level of performance would not have been possible without the combined efforts of students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the school board,” said Musser.

Applause greeted Musser’s proclamation that she was happy to finally make it public record.

“At a time when public schools get some very negative publicity from some media sources, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to share information about what is going well,” she said.

Cocalico School Board’s meeting began with a presentation by board member Doug Graybill and his sister, Susan Graybill Dykema, of a painted wooden replica of the former East Cocalico High School which is now Reamstown Mennonite School.

Their dad, Irvin Graybill, made the replica complete with detailed classrooms.

“My grandfather, Irvin Graybill, was on the school board at the time his sons were going there., so I’m honored to keep the tradition,” said Doug Graybill. “My sister and I are proud to donate the model to the school district on behalf of our dad to keep the memory of the past alive and of the strong foundation this community has given all of us for education.”

In other business, the board approved the following:

Investment made for the general fund is $245,000 (PSDLAF)

Invoices in the amount of $993,829.68

Capital Project Fund Account Register in the amount of $73,202.34

Bids for janitorial equipment and supplies in the amount of $8,879; school supplies $25,468; technology education supplies, $8,085; and athletic supplies for $8,900.

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