Denver Borough Council reviews policies, solicitor and summer road work

By on February 19, 2014

If a Denver Borough council member has an illness, disability, emergency or is out of town for business or family travel, it will be possible for the member to participate and vote during a council meeting when the resolution and rules of order additions are adopted at council’s Feb. 24 meeting.

“We may want to do a test run with our equipment to make sure everything goes well,” Borough Manager Mike Hession told council members at the Feb. 10 meeting.

The idea is that other council members and the public at the meeting will be able to hear the council person who is not present, and vice-versa.

In other business council decided to explore other options for a solicitor. Council retained solicitor, Josele Cleary, with the firm Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell and Kane for six months, beginning in January.

Researching Denver Borough records, Hession said he found references to the Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell and Kane firm as far back as May, 1988. Prior to those references, William Crosswell was identified in minutes as the solicitor in the mid-1980s. Solicitor appointments in the past were not made at reorganization meetings, like they are now.

Council members expressed a high level of satisfaction with Cleary’s work over the years. Only recently was there a glitch when Denver received a bill from Northern Lancaster Regional Police Force for time involved preparing a quote for possible police coverage and Cleary was unable to advise council.

“Moving forward,” councilman Mike Gensemer said, “I’m interested in someone who will be on our side as we work on forming a regional police force. Perhaps there’s a solicitor out there who was involved with a municipality working to form a regional force.”

Council approved an ad hoc committee of Walt Fink, who chairs the borough’s personnel committee, Mike Cohick and Mike Gensemer to work on the process of retaining a solicitor. Requests for proposals will be developed and sent out to determine what options the borough has.

George Beever, East Cocalico Police Chief, invited a Denver council member to participate in the entry-level, oral interviews for hiring a policeman. Council chose its president, Blake Daub. He served as an interim member of the police board’s human relations committee prior to the appointment of resident, John Weaver. Beever invited Adamstown Council and West Cocalico Township Supervisors to also send a representative. East Cocalico had a representative on board.

Council approved a resolution with Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (the “Bank”) authorizing the incurrence of lease obligations, not to exceed $500,000. This resolution moves the purchase agreement of new borough street lights another step forward.

Looking toward warmer weather, council authorized the borough engineer to develop and advertise bid specifications for the Jefferson Avenue Reconstruction Project and the Fausnacht Drive milling and overlay road work. Work will begin after school closes in June and conclude by mid-August.

Council learned that the road crew is ready for more snow.

“Salt is running low, but we have enough for two more snows,” said Hession.

An informative report on events at the Cocalico High School was given by Jr. Councilman, Ryan Shupp.

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