Denver council discusses impact of PPL junction boxes on properties

By on May 3, 2017

Borough Manager Mike Hession reported some rare good news in dealings with PPL. Field visits with PPL representatives to proposed junction box locations in the borough for underground-powered streetlights yielded two items.

Reporting to council members at their April 24 meeting, Hession said the inspection determined that one junction box could support two street lights.

Also determined was that use of a vacuum truck to excavate for junction box installations will reduce the impact on resident’s lawns, flowers and shrubs.

“Many property owners have plantings, shrubs, small trees and other improvements around PPL transformer boxes that may be impacted by the streetlight project,” Hession said. “PPL will trim or remove plantings for access to the transformer boxes. They are not required and don’t put things back the way they were.”

The borough is developing a list of addresses and will send a letter to affected property owners informing them of conflicts with plantings and transformer boxes. Residents are encouraged to consider removing these plantings and either replanting them or saving them until a later time for re-planting.

Council members agreed that residents will be kept up to date on what’s happening with the PPL work. Most likely the junction box installation would occur late summer.

A separate meeting with PPL representatives, Councilman Todd Stewart, and Hession occurred April 17. PPL agreed to leave in place the 26 poles and lights at the Denver Memorial Park.

The borough is not purchasing this equipment. PPL would bear the cost of removing the poles and lights from the park.

The advantage, for the municipality, of leaving everything in place is that the borough can re-use the PPL poles and save money by not needing to purchase and install 26 poles to replace these poles.

Next steps include: Suburban Lighting Consultants marking plans to indicate locations of junction boxes and which boxes will serve multiple lights; submitting a copy of the mark-up to PPL for review; Suburban Lighting Consultants finalizing junction box location specifications and equipment information; and forwarding this portion of the bid specification to Hanover Engineering for insertion into the overall bid package.

In other business:

* Council members discussed several residents’ concerns regarding speeding and the need for additional stop signs on South Sixth Street. East Cocalico Police Chief Terry Arment was in attendance and said police would monitor the speed situation.

* Council indicated initial interest and requested more information regarding Universal Waste Solutions possibly sponsoring a one-day electronic recycling program for computers, laptops, servers, monitors, and other electronic devices.

* The North Fourth Street Playground is completed with the recent installation of a new toddler swing set. The swing set was purchased by the recreation board. The public works department excavated the area, installed the swing, and the mulch/wood carpet.


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