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By on September 18, 2013


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Denver Council members asked for roll call votes on three motions related to police protection at their Sept. 9 meeting.

Gensemer noted that East Cocalico is going to give preliminary budget numbers to Denver, Adamstown and West Cocalico on or before the next police board meeting, Sept. 16.

"East Cocalico supervisors also put in writing that they support a regional police force and equal representation of each municipality on a police commission," said Gensemer. "This is progress. This all takes time, and I don’t think we want to rush the process."

Gensemer proceeded to introduce his motion.

"In light of the decision of East Cocalico Township to work for another year (2014) under the old contract," Gensemer moved that Denver Borough notify Northern Lancaster Regional Police Department that, at this time, Denver is not interested in becoming a charter member of NLRPD. The motion added that Denver requests that the NLRPD proposal remain open until April 1, 2014 so that time may be allowed for Denver Council to discern what is in the best interest of the citizens.

Councilman Blake Daub added a second to the motion and vigorous discussion ensued.

The motion was defeated 5-2. Voting against the motion was Steve Binkley, Jim Brewer, Mike Cohick, Walt Fink and Rodney Redcay. Voting for the motion were Daub and Gensemer.

Hession explained the next two motions, both of which passed.

"The first motion" Hession said, "is designed to extend the timeline concerning the proposal from Northern Regional from the original date of Sept. 10 until after Denver Council’s October 14, 2014 meeting. It passed 5-2, with Cohick and Gensemer voting no. Voting yes were Binkley

Brewer, Daub, Fink and Redcay.

The next motion, Hession said, "is designed to make sure that after all options are evaluated, Denver Borough will have the ability to take action, if council decides, to approve the required ordinance to contract with the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department beginning on January 1, 2014.

It passed 5-2, with Cohick and Gensemer voting no, and Binkley, Brewer, Daub, Fink, and Redcay voting yes.

In other business, representatives from Suburban Lighting Consultants (SLC) and Stouch Lighting were present to discuss the street light privatization feasibility study results, options available, and to answer questions.

Redcay inquired, "Do many of these lights (LED) fail?"

"Less than one percent," said Stouch. Plus, we will file the paperwork for you to determine if you qualify for any rebates, and pass that savings along to you."

Stouch said that if Denver switched to all LED lights, a possible, annual savings of $55,782 could result. This savings could be applied to the annual loan cost for the new system.

"Internally, we need to work on financing options for funding this project," said Borough Manager, Mike Hession. Council members will continue this discussion at their Sept. 30th meeting.

"Total cost projections, in a worst case scenario," Hession explained, are approximately $484,000. It is projected that the new LED light system would pay for itself in ten years.

Stouch discussed several municipalities in southeastern PA which have switched to the new LED lights and others who are starting the switchover. He said the LED lights give more of a "white daylight" look, better illumination and a safer environment.

Council heard an update on the Denver Park Boy Scout Cabin project. To date several professionals have given in kind donations or greatly reduced rates with their professional services. The committee struggled with the idea of trying to raise funds for the project versus trying to obtain contractor volunteers to help complete the project.

Hession noted that material donations have been pledged and "there’s only so much we can ask."

Two ordinances related to public safety passed unanimously. The first ordinance establishes and implements a program to charge user fees for the deployment of public safety services rendered by the Denver Fire Company for the borough. The second ordinance approves policies and procedures for the program of user fees for the deployment of public safety services.

Hession announced that road work on the Weaver Road Bridge started Sept. 9th and is expected to be be completed within 45 days, if not sooner.

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