Denver Council elects Weaver to police board

By on December 18, 2013

Life-long Denver resident and businessman, John Weaver, was elected by Denver Council Dec. 9 to fill the vacant slot on the inter-municipal police board, charged with forming a Regional Cocalico Police Force.

Council President Walt Fink previously occupied that seat. He and other council members agreed that it’s desirable to have one council person on the board to keep council apprised of police board progress.

Councilman Mike Gensemer sits on the police board and was elected vice-chairman. Noelle Fortna, East Cocalico Supervisor, chairs the board.

Three candidates: Kayla Johnson, Ronald Petery and Weaver gave brief background histories and reasons why they desired to serve on the board.

Several council members expressed discomfort at needing to choose among three well-qualified residents. The vote was 5-1 to elect Weaver, with Fink voting no, and Steve Binkley absent.

In other business, Denver Borough hired Mike Burkholder, a retired PennDOT worker, at $18 per hour to assist the borough with snow removal when needed.

Previously Denver advertised for a snow removal equipment rental bid. The council chose not to act on the bid upon hiring Burkholder.

A resident at the 200 block of Main Street asked council to consider painting yellow lines where the driveway meets Main Street. When cars park too close to the driveway exit, it is difficult to safely pull out of the driveway.

This issue created much discussion about setting a precedent. The borough did have such a practice along the Main Street business district and a previous council chose to eliminate it. The borough maintains their own alleys and has previously not done anything regarding resident’s privately owned driveways. Council chose not to take any action.

Council voted to approve:

• A two-year electricity supply agreement renewal with Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. for the borough’s 19 accounts at the aggregate rate of $0.06743 cents per kWh.

• Transferring the borough’s fire department capital fund balance of $5,141.37 to the general fund and closing the fire company capital fund.

• Authorizing the Denver Recreation Board to carry over $6,345 from their 2013 budget into their 2014 budget.

• Authorized using Glatlfelter Insurance Company saving approximately $700, increasing liability coverage and earthquake and cybercrime coverage. Volunteer fire fighters will remain with Cincinnati Company because Glatfelter doesn’t cover firefighters.

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