Denver Council recesses meeting to view new fire truck

By on October 31, 2018

Flashing red lights reflected on the glass window panes and across the meeting room as the new, large yellow fire truck backed into the parking lot.

“Denver Volunteer Fire Company is stopping on their way back from the Halloween parade to show us their new truck. Do you want to go out and see it?” asked Mike Hession, borough manger.

There were smiles, yes’s all around and chairs moving away from the table as vice president Chris Flory, conducting the meeting in the absence of President Blake Daub, declared a recess to the meeting.

Gazing at the mammoth truck and hopping into the cab, councilman John Palm said, “This is awesome. Denver residents should be very proud.”

“It was time for a new one,” said councilman Matt Stover. “I’m glad the company bought a new one because it will last.”

Delivered three weeks ago, council received the first, close-up peek at the new, $627,000 Pierce pumper engine. It carries 1,000 gallons of water and pumps at the rate of 1,750 gallons per minute, explained fire chief Shannon Hilton.

The new truck goes next to Glick company for shelving installation. Hilton said the pumper will be in service by mid-December.

The truck being replaced was in service for 25 years and will be sold through a broker.

This new truck will also serve 25 years. Extending the years of service of heavily used emergency equipment can get expensive with repair costs.

However, this was one of the suggestions made by a professional firm the borough hired approximately six years ago to thoroughly evaluate the volunteer fire company and give the borough and the company suggestions.

Fire company officials have complied with all suggestions made. The borough complied with a large increase in funding, also recommended by the professional firm.

Beginning in 2014, Denver Borough allocated $85,000 per year to the volunteer fire company with the understanding that there would be no other contributions made for anything to the company, including major new equipment.

“This helps the borough with budget planning and helps the fire company to use a long-range plan for needs and expenditures. The fire company has consistently invested three quarters of our annual contribution. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need to use bank loans for major work recently such as their new roof, new flooring and new ramps at the front of the fire company. They’ve done a good job seeking competitive financing with the balance owed on this truck. We are proud that our fire company has between 25-30 active firefighters plus dedicated administrative personnel,” said Hession.

As Mayor Rod Redcay, in the new truck’s driver’s seat, tooted the horn to end their meeting recess, he declared, “Well worth every penny!”

Resuming their meeting, council:

  • Approved budgeting $15,075 for Denver’s fair share of the school resource officer program, slated to begin in Cocalico School District Jan. 2, 2019. Plans call for the school district funding fifty percent of the total cost and Adamstown, Denver, East and West Cocalico townships funding their proportionate share based on percentage of students from each municipality.
  • Heard East Cocalico Police Chief Darrick Keppley report that Denver had 214 calls for service in September. This was 26 percent of the 839 total calls for September.

Alice Hummer is a correspondent for The Ephrata Review.





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