Denver Council sells abandoned house

By on October 31, 2012

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

The abandoned, blighted 521 Poplar Street property was sold by bid to William Teleguz, 70 Horseshoe Trail Road, Denver.

Council opened bids at 10 a.m. Oct. 22 and awarded the successful, and only bid, to Teleguz at their 7 PM meeting that night. The minimum bid was $33,000; Teleguz bid $36,000.

"My husband works in plumbing, heating and air conditioning," said his wife, Ludmila, in a phone interview. "Over the winter, it is slow. We will work on the house."

While Teleguz is handy with carpentry and other construction tasks, the whole family will pitch in with the house project.

The property, accepted by the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lancaster, was sold to Denver Borough for the fair, appraised value of $41,000 Aug. 29.

Denver Borough, calculating all costs incurred with the property for back taxes, lawn mowing and other items needed to secure the safety of the property, advertised the property for bid at a minimum bid price of $35,000.

This first round of bidding produced several people who inspected the property and did not bid.

With no bids, the council reluctantly reduced the minimum bid price by $2,000.

"We have 60 days to settle," said borough manager Mike Hession. "We’ll try to do it in 30."

The property needs much rehabilitation, including mold removal.

Property construction must start three months from the settlement date and be completed 1 1/2 years following the settlement date. No occupancy shall occur until all municipal approvals are received to certify in writing that the property is safe, sanitary and suitable for occupation.

For two years Denver Borough dealt with this structure. A tarp which covered a hole in the roof was found ineffective and blowing in the wind this spring.

"We don’t want to be in the real estate business," said councilman Stephen Binkley said in a meeting, reflecting the feelings of the council. Now they are not.

The only other business conducted at this special meeting was approval for Denver Fire Police to assist Adamstown with its 5 K Run which was held Oct. 27.

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