Denver Council welcomes new member

By on January 3, 2018
Denver Council welcomes new member Dan Rogers

Denver Council welcomes new member Dan Rogers

On Jan. 2 when Denver Council held its reorganizational meeting, there was one new face among council members seated at the front of the meeting room.

Dan Rogers occupied the seat formerly held by Mike Gensemer, who chose not to run for reelection.

Rogers, 64, has been a Denver resident for nearly 30 years.

“I was asked by the Republican Party two years ago to consider running, but the timing was not right,” Rogers said. “I’ve always been active in my church, and, at that time, I was teaching a night class. I’m not doing that anymore.”

Active in his church might be an understatement as Rogers shared he’s been a Sunday Church School teacher, elder, and even done some supply preaching.

“Last year when the Party asked me again to run, I said yes,” Rogers said.

Owner of the business, Remodeling Solutions, Inc., Rogers and his wife moved from the Philadelphia area to Denver to live in a small town. “It’s been wonderful and I’d like to give back to this good community.”

A faithful attendee of all council meetings, Rogers has deep respect for the councilmen serving voluntarily on council and its committees.

Council president Blake Daub congratulated and welcomed Rogers during the council meeting immediately following the November election. Other council members added their congratulations and thanks for his willingness to serve.



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