Denver Pool staff competently handled emergencies

By on July 10, 2019

Denver Borough manager, Mike Hession, reported at council’s July 8 meeting how well Denver Pool manager, Jennifer Kieffer, and her staff at Denver Pool handled two water rescues of young children in the last five days.

On July 4, a five-year-old season pass holder was seen struggling underwater and a lifeguard pulled the youngster out of the water. The child was conscious, coughing up water and the child’s lips appeared blue. Ambulance personnel assessed the patient as stable. The child was transported to the hospital, checked and released.

On July 7, a three-year-old child ran from parents, and went into the pool. Once in the water, the child started swallowing water. Immediately a lifeguard rescued the child. The child was coughing up water and fortunately okay.

“Our guards were on top of things and the two events turned out well. I’d like to remind parents whose children can’t swim that they need to keep an eye on them,” said Hession.

The Ephrata Rec Center manages the Denver Pool. Hession said the pool manager is very proactive, and he considers this one reason this season’s membership at 268 members is the third highest since 2007.
Hession said Kieffer expressed interest in having council consider some perks for season pass holders, such as the ability to enter one hour early on weekends. While council appeared positive toward the suggestion, no further action was taken.

At the June 27 late night swim, 222 canned goods were collected for Peter’s Porch food bank and 297 attended. In June, the average daily attendance was 116 people. July’s heat has an average daily attendance of 141 during the first week.

In other business, Hession and council president, Blake Daub, summarized their June 11 meeting with Scott Russell, East Cocalico Township manager, supervisor Romao Carrasco and Reamstown fire chief Scott Achey about the Reamstown Ambulance. Some issues discussed were staffing costs, slow reimbursement for expenses incurred and overall increases in costs moving forward.

Hession mentioned that should Denver want to do so, it could enact an ordinance whereby the entire borough would be covered by Reamstown Ambulance. Currently Reamstown covers the larger portion of town south of the turnpike and Reinholds covers all residents north of the turnpike.

Council expressed a desire to move slowly and thoughtfully with this topic. One councilman expressed liking the way Reinholds Ambulance asks for a $50 donation to cover your household for one year. Most councilmen questioned why Reamstown Ambulance is under the fire company, unlike others.
All agreed more discussion with area emergency personnel is needed.

Council approved Lincoln Pavement Services estimate of $6,150 for Thermoplastic line markings on several streets.

Alice Hummer is a correspondent for The Ephrata Review.



  1. Angie Chelton

    July 11, 2019 at 7:33 am

    Denver pool is run very well. The life guards are vigilant and professional and they save lives. Good job to the management and the guards!

  2. Youndt

    July 12, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Pool is very dirty,wouldn’t pay 10$ to go to dirty water pool

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