Development residents want roads dedicated

By on April 11, 2012

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

Many residents over the last five years have asked why the roads in Heatherwoods, the development just off Hill Road and within a quarter mile of the East Cocalico Township building, have not been dedicated.

Carrying on the tradition of inquiry at the April 4 East Cocalico Supervisors meeting was Allen Achenbach, 105 Ironwood Court.

"It’s been five years. We’re paying taxes and not getting any services. The school bus doesn’t come in (to the development); the township doesn’t come in," Achenbach said.

"It’s not safe for children to have to walk out to the road for the bus.

"Isn’t there any penalty?" Achenbach asked.

"No," said all the supervisors.

"The developer has been given a list," supervisor Noelle Fortna said. "Until that list is complete, there’s nothing we can do."

All supervisors said they understand the residents’ frustration over the years.

When any resident has called or come to meetings about the road dedication issue, East Cocalico Manager Mark Hiester has contacted developer Mike Glass and communicated the concern.

"The development is not finished," supervisor chairman Doug Mackley, said, commenting on another facet of the issue. "If the developer were to finish the items on the list and we took over the roads and the developer were to open another section, then our roads could be ruined with heavy equipment going over them each day."

"We don’t know why someone would want to maintain responsibility for the road instead of completing what’s needed for road dedication to occur," Hiester said.

Glass commented in a phone conversation.

"All of the punch list items are very limited and could not be done over the winter," Glass said. "Project management at Heatherwoods is not up to our normal standards. We’ve dealt with the (lack of) water issue for many years and it’s not because the township hasn’t tried. We’re stuck because there’s no water. We haven’t been able to move forward (Terry Reber, head of East Cocalico Water and Sewer Authority, said Glass is one of the developer’s on a list for water in phase three, which aims to release water toward the end of 2013).

"The roads are paved," he continued. "We hope to have the roads dedicated in time for school buses next year. We understand that’s a safety issue. We apologize to the residents as this (development) has not been up to our standards."

In other business, Nick Barakas, owner of Kyma Grill asked supervisors to place in writing, exactly where he is to put gravel and other finishing landscape issues related to the outside of his restaurant property.

"I want something in writing because last time we had a verbal agreement it cost me $20,000," he said.

"Have your guys stake it out and then our zoning officer can take a look at it," Hiester suggested.

Tony Luongo, zoning officer, will follow up with Barakas to clarify work that remains to be completed.

Police Chief George Beever reported the first block of East Church Street had several vehicle break-ins with cash and GPS units being stolen.

"Have the tasers deterred people from getting physical with the officers?" Mackley asked the police chief,

"Yes," Chief Beever said. "Each time the taser is presented, the officer needs to fill out a report. All the officers needed to do is present the taser and the person has become more compliant. The taser has been presented a total of 15 times."

Hiester noted in his township manager’s report that "road resurfacing work is scheduled on Route 272 this summer from the turnpike to Adamstown."

In other business:

?Supervisors appointed Allen Hurst as a fire policeman for East Cocalico Township

?Supervisor Alan Fry thanked the road crew for work patching the men’s and woman’s bathroom floor at the pool as well as other pool maintenance, explained the layout for the new disc golf course and received approval for linoleum for the snack bar floor at $463.65.

?Hiester noted that residents might see a helicopter hovering over power lines because the lines are being cleaned with a winch suspended from the helicopter.

?Supervisors approved a letter being written to Acme Warehouse regarding their lack of participation in the Reamstown Volunteer Fire Company fund drives. The company gave a donation of well over $100,000 when it moved into the area to help cover costs of new apparatus needed to serve the facility if it had a fire. East Cocalico Emergency Management Coordinator Harvey Achey noted Reamstown Fire Company records indicate no subsequent donations.

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