E. Coc. eliminates police commissioner position

By on October 2, 2013


ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent

, Staff Writer

Effective January 2014, the police board will replace the role and functions of the East Cocalico Police Commissioner.

Currently East Cocalico Supervisor Chairman Doug Mackley is the Police Commissioner. Supervisors approved this motion at their workshop meeting Thursday, Oct. 19.

Chairman Mackley made the motion, seconded by vice chairman, Alan Fry, "to provide police service to Adamstown Borough, Denver Borough and West Cocalico Township while developing a Regional Police Force."

The motion reads: "If a Cocalico Regional Police Force is not created, East Cocalico Township will continue to provide the same services, as defined for the year 2013 contract, for each municipality through 2016.

If a Cocalico Regional Police Force is not formed, this motion also protects each municipality from paying a pension unfunded liability share penalty for termination of service through 2016 and assures the municipalities that East Cocalico Township will provide them a police board which will maintain equal representation from each municipality.

The police board will review police related items. If the municipalities sign annual contracts for the 2014 through 2016 service, the police board will also act as a liaison between the police and the municipalities, replacing the role of Police Commissioner from 2014 through 2016."

Comments at the July 23 regional leaders meeting held at the Denver Fire Company and at the meeting of municipal leaders served by East Cocalico Police on Aug. 5 at the Stevens Fire Company, referred to the power inherent in the police commissioner’s role. Some municipal officers asked if a police board’s advice would be heeded with a police commissioner still in charge.

"If we’re going to have this police advisory board there is no need for a police commissioner," Chairman Mackley commented in a telephone conversation. "We’ll do away with us (East Cocalico Township) being the controlling factor to everybody having an equal say."

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