E. Cocalico fire companies work on possible merger

By on April 23, 2014

Scott Achey, Reamstown Fire Chief, asked East Cocalico supervisors at their April 16 meeting for guidance as Reamstown, Stevens and Smokestown Fire Companies discuss what a merger would look like and how it would function.
“In about a month we should have our steering committee (representatives from all three companies) in place and we’d like to sit down and talk with you supervisors,” said Achey.
“We can do that,” said supervisor chairman, Doug Mackley. “We want to make it clear that the last thing we want to do is dictate how your companies should be doing things. This township is very grateful for everything you do and we look forward to helping as you move down the road to consolidation.”
Twice a year, emergency medical service personnel hold a public discussion with the East Cocalico Board of Supervisors.
Rick Carpenter, who heads the ambulance association, informed the board that “every three years the ambulance goes through a re-certification process. We’ve just gone through that and we’re re-certified for another three years.”
Stevens Fire Company is planning a 100th anniversary celebration on Saturday, August 2. Township Manager, Mark Hiester, told Chief Chad Weaver, in attendance at the meeting, that the township received its letter regarding the celebration date.
The police department has two, new Ford utility vehicles coming, one as early as the week of April 21. The other vehicle needs equipment placed on it prior to putting it into service.
“We are in dire need of these two new vehicles,” supervisors agreed. Normally a trade-in occurs about every 100,000 miles. The two vehicles being replaced had close to 170,000 miles on them. “Driving a police car is hard on it; there is a lot of idling time,” said Mackley.
The 1975 North Reading Road property is rented by B.C. Chicken until the end of April, even though the company has vacated the building. Three of the four municipalities who jointly own the property voted to sell it. With Adamstown, Denver and East Cocalico agreeing to sell, the decision is made, since it requires three out of the four to vote “yes” to sell. West Cocalico will vote on selling the property at their May meeting.
Supervisor Noelle Fortna remarked that B. C. Chicken “was a very good tenant. They paid half of the $42,000 for the loading dock and made many other repairs that were needed.”
The approximately 20 acre property, originally purchased for $3.75 million for a recreation site which financially did not work out due to the economic crash in ‘08 was appraised for $2.5 million.
Legally the property may be sold at a public auction or by sealed bid.
“At an auction, you’d pay a commission,” said Supervisor Alan Fry.
Legal clarification is being sought regarding whether a reserve bid can be used with the sealed bid process.
Road projects for 2014 in excess of $100,000, which means paying prevailing wages, were approved to be advertised for bids.
Luthercare’s Reamstown Child Care Center will get some new playground equipment as part of a Paradise Township Sewer Authority Project. Because a small part (less than $100,000 of the $3 million project) has to do with property in East Cocalico Township, supervisors must be notified and acknowledge receipt of the information. Supervisors passed a resolution acknowledging that they are aware the playground improvement will occur.
Fry reported on the Recreation Board’s recent meeting. Stoney Pointe Park will be graded, seeded and possibly ready by the end of June.
Hiester complimented the Stoney Pointe developer for his cooperation in this project. “Also, the development’s roads were finished promptly and are now dedicated,” said Hiester.
Supervisors adjourned into executive session to discuss personnel.
Next meeting is Thursday, May 1, 7 p.m. at the East Cocalico Township building, 100 Hill Road.


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