East Cocalico discusses water regulations

By on August 29, 2012

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

"Water is like gold," East Cocalico Township Supervisor Chair Doug Mackley said as land planning engineer Brent Lied commented on regulations concerning storm water discharges from municipal separate storm sewer systems at the supervisors’ Aug. 15 meeting.

The NPDES MS4 report, required of municipalities, deals with improved water quality as the water heads, ultimately, to the Chesapeake Bay, the fourth largest estuary in the world.

"Mark (Hiester, township manager) and I were at a kick-off meeting today (Aug. 17)," said Mackley. "The water that leaves here will be clean or cleaner than then when it arrived. There are fines if you don’t do what you’re to do in a timely manner."

After the meeting, zoning officer Tony Luongo said, "We not only have to state how and when we treat our storm water; we have to provide evidence. That’s why I go out and take pictures when we do work on storm drains and date all my photos."

Lied shared, "The pending Notice of Intent (NOI) Submission is subject to conditions. Some of these include how the township manages pollution prevention staff training, and public education. This latter item requires information in the township newsletter, plus two other methods of distribution."

Supervisors Alan Fry and Noelle Fortna concurred that the township is doing the right things with water quality and must now be consistent in documenting all that is done.

Treating polluted water can and will require additional intra-municipal cooperation as residents report streams containing muddy, debris-laden water flowing, especially after storms. Sometimes the origin of the soil and debris is in another municipality.

Supervisors encouraged the public to report possible problems with water quality to the township so that the problems can be investigated and corrected.

In other business, supervisors:

? Gave conditional preliminary/final plan to WJ Crossroads, pending fulfillment of 15 conditions.

? Considered changing depositories to either Ephrata National Bank or Fulton Bank. Currently the township uses Pligit, a state organization, which has been the subject of some accounting difficulties and accomplishes accounting revisions needed more slowly than would normally be expected.

? Approved, with no changes, the East Cocalico Township Authority 2013 Lease Agreement.

? Approved the appointment of Gerald A. DeBalko to the East Cocalico Township Authority Board. He is a professional engineer and works for the Pennsylvania Water Company out of its Wyomissing office.

? Approved purchasing five Clear Stream Recycling container lids. The sun dries out the plastic in the ones currently in use and they break.

? Allowed Stoudtburg Village to proceed with its blue tourism sign request.

? Approved Barry’s Paint Shop closing Long Road on Aug. 25 from 10 to 3 p.m. for pedestrian traffic only on Customer Appreciation Day. Luongo indicated the permit is ready to be issued and all supervisors questions about notification and approval by contiguous businesses were satisfied.

? Sent a notice of enforcement from the zoning office to residents of 30 Poplar Drive following consultation with the solicitor.

? Posted notices of Unsafe for Human Occupancy due to lack of utilities at residences at 30 Oak Lane and 26 Homestead Lane. Owners abandoned the properties. More EAST COCALICO, page A10

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