East Cocalico Police facility needs some TLC

By on April 20, 2011

When a person lives or works in the same space for many years, sometimes it takes another person’s perspective to see maintenance issues that have been neglected. The police department building is 22 to 23 years old and it needs some refurbishing, Doug Mackley, East Cocalico supervisor chairman explained during his report at the April 6 supervisors meeting. Each quarter Mackley meets with the police department. Recently he took a tour of the complete facility, looking at it like the average citizen might do. With the proposed new police department building on hold, Mackley reported, it s time to look at replacing stained ceiling tiles, and consider paint and carpet. The carpet is not in good shape.

The department works with citizens on a Youth Aid Panel, other people stop to ask questions and many Scout and student groups request tours. Space is at a premium due increased population and staff growth. Evidence rooms are getting full because evidence is required to be retained for 75 years. The police station has not had a regular rotation schedule for routine upgrades. It s time, Mackley said. In other business, Township Manager, Mark Hiester, reported a figure of $504,000 for the probable cost estimate of the Stoney Pointe Recreation Area.

"This is an early stage figure, engineer Brent Lied said. It gives the committee something to work with and is needed when you look at grants.

Supervisors approved authorizing the solicitor to advertise a proposed ordinance prohibiting large vehicles from parking along Colonel George Howard Boulevard. Cars used by the numerous daily commuters who travel in car pools may still park along the boulevard, as long as they are off the road. Police Chief George Beever reported that officers Appleton and Zaun successfully completed their one year probationary period. In May they will attend bike patrol school and will replace the two officers who currently do this. Beever reported on the new Tauris and Explorer police vehicles. They come with all-wheel drive, and the Tauris is available with front wheel drive. They are not making Crown Vics anymore, Beever said. Lots of research went into these vehicles. Some changes, like the shift on the column, not on the floor, will provide more space to work.

East Cocalico s land planning engineer, Brent Lied, walked supervisors through seven different projects. Supervisors granted a time extension till June 15 to Stony Run Fields preliminary subdivision and land development plan; a conditional final plan approval to the Hurst preliminary/final subdivision/annexation plan; and a time extension until July 29 to the Stoney Pointe Phase2-Final and Phase 1-Revised final subdivision plan. Waivers were granted to the Raymond Bradley final land development plan and the Irvin Weaver annexation sketch plan. Supervisors approved a financial security reduction for the Morphy Auction land development project. Reamstown Pool is fully staffed with a total of 27 pool staff employees. There are five new lifeguards, Heister noted. Supervisor Noelle Fortna reported that High Associates would charge $4,000 for an appraisal of 1975 N. Reading Road, the property that originally was to be a recreation center used by East Cocalico, West Cocalico, Denver and Adamstown. With the economic downturn, the project was not financially feasible. Currently B. C. Chicken rents the property. Getting an appraisal would be the first step in considering a possible sale of the building. All four municipalities must approve the appraisal prior to it being done. Supervisors approved the price for the appraisal. Roadmaster Kenny Eshelman’s report dealt with lawn care and road project bid results. Supervisors accepted Tru Green’s bid of $2,025 for lawn care. Martin Limestone was awarded the bid for overlay work for paving and Martin Paving was awarded a road work contract for oil and chip work. After passing Resolution 2011-15, dealing with the proposed traffic impact fee capital improvement plan, and Ordinance 2011-01, the proposed ordinance requiring traffic impact fees (when to collect, how to collect, are there exemptions, refunds, etc.), supervisors Fry and Mackley noted that this committee of citizens were not traffic experts. Fortna praised the member s dedication and hard work as they digested lots of technical material. Reamstown Fire Company was granted permission for their annual fund-raiser toll road at Reamstown Road and Church Street on April 22. Prior to adjournment supervisors went into executive session to discuss a real estate issue.

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