East Cocalico Police Report

By on March 22, 2017

The East Cocalico Police Department reported the following:

DUI: Carlos L. Cardona, 37, North Sixth Street, Denver, was charged with three counts of driving under the influence and a traffic violation after being involved in a vehicle accident in the first block of Denver Road Jan. 21.

Officers were dispatched at 8:26 p.m. for a car that had struck a fence and became disabled. Officers determined Cardona was the driver of the vehicle and was impaired. He was taken to Reading Hospital with minor injuries. A blood test conducted at the hospital indicated that Cardona had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.17 percent, as well as high levels of Alprazolam in his system at the time of the test. Cardona was sent a summons to appear in District Court.

POSSESSION: An officer was asked by a clerk at Turkey Hill, in the first block of Denver Road, East Cocalico Township, March 14, to check on an occupant in a vehicle at the gas pumps. The male was in the vehicle for a half hour and had not exited. Nicholas James Irvin, 31, was asked to exit the vehicle. Upon doing so, a syringe cap and a small package typically used to carry heroin fell on the ground. Another empty package, an amount of methamphetamine and two bottle caps containing residue were found in the vehicle. Possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine and public drunkenness charges were filed March 15.

The East Cocalico Police Department provides coverage for East Cocalico Township and Denver Borough.

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