Gensemer wins write-in for Denver Council

By on November 13, 2013



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Mike Gensemer wins write-in candidacy for Denver Borough Council. (Photo by Lucy Riccomini)

The final count of write-ins this past Friday filled the remaining seat for Denver Borough Council with Mike Gensemer, who just finished an appointed two-year term.

This will be Gensemer’s first full term, who beat out John Palm, the other write-in contender, 234 to 89.

Gensemer’s decision to run again was a result of the police issue, which transpired after the deadline for the ballot in March.

"I saw the options that the Borough was considering and I didn’t like the direction we were going," said Gensemer. "We were being forced to make a quick decision about something that will have a lasting impact on the community. I couldn’t sit back and let that happen."

"By early October we had worked out an agreement that I believed would benefit the Borough and the entire Cocalico community," continued Gensemer. "That agreement was on the verge of collapsing because we were not communicating with our neighbors. Several of my colleagues were wavering and time was running out. I believe I played a role in keeping the plan on track. I decided that night that I needed to see this thing through. The whole idea of a write-in campaign was launched that night."

One of Gensemer’s main goals is to form a regionalized Cocalico Police Department for the four municipalities.

"It is a great opportunity to keep the excellent service we have come to know and appreciate," he said.

Gensemer spoke highly about his new colleagues who were elected last Tuesday to council.

"Matt (Stover) is a hard worker and a great guy to work with. Chris Flory has been attending council meetings for the past few months. He takes his position seriously. Jason South has also been attending council meetings. That shows me that he is serious. I spoke to Jason on election day and I think he will make a fine councilman. Blake Daub was just elected to the two-year council seat. Like me, Blake was appointed to fill a vacant seat on council. If there is one reward I will take away from Borough Council, it will be the new friend I have found in councilman Daub. He is a tremendous asset to the Borough and I look forward to working with him."

In addition to a resolution with the police issue, Gensemer would like to see funding for the fire department and work together as a community.

"We have neighbors in the municipalities that share our town borders. Let’s share resources. Let’s stick together and find a way to make it work. I don’t believe it is all that difficult."

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