Going rogue…Ed Zander, former Adamstown councilman, sets out for new life in Arizona

By on December 23, 2014

Ed Zander is riding off into the sunset… and leaving the sunsets of Adamstown in his dust.

Zander, a memorable character who cuts quite a different image from his colleagues, is moving out of the borough and has resigned his position as a borough council member.

Some say Zander has a rough edge, but he knows who he is and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Former Adamstown Councilman Ed Zander is a memorable fellow.

Former Adamstown Councilman Ed Zander is a memorable fellow.

“People judge,” said Zander.

He’s in the process of moving to Arizona and packing an old yellow school bus with his things, including at least three motorcycles. Unfortunately, his dog will stay behind.

“They wanted $3,000 to move my stuff so I came up with this bus,” said Zander.

Zander has lived in Adamstown since he was four years old.

“This was my parents’ estate and when my mom passed away we had to sell it,” said Zander of his lifelong residence on Adamstown Road. “Between the three of us, we couldn’t afford the taxes.”

Zander has a brother in Nebraska and a sister.

Zander cites burdensome taxes as one of his reasons for moving.

“I’m sorry, but there was time when the teachers got too little, but it’s gone the other way now,” said Zander. “They are receiving way too much compensation for their time and effort.”

He also said locals living here all their lives are being over taken by people moving from more affluent areas.

“People from New York, New Jersey are coming up here and this is cheap living for them and they’re buying it up,” said Zander. “The locals here that have lived here, born and raised at one time, we actually had jobs. You can’t afford to stay here.”

Zander was a long-time mechanic and business owner. He cites the economy as part of his decision to move.

Ed Zander cozies up in an old hearse...but not for long. Photos by Michele Walter Fry

Ed Zander cozies up in an old hearse…but not for long.
Photos by Michele Walter Fry

“My father started the garage business here in 1949, Zander’s Garage,” said Zander. “I took it over 19 years ago. I’ve been turning wrenches for 40 some years.

“Right in ‘08 when everything crashed, I was doing great. I was doing well before that, it was like everyone was losing their jobs and stuff and but then they couldn’t afford to buy a new car, so they were repairing everything they had. Now it got to the point where everything was out there got to the point where it’s got beyond sensible repairing.”

Zander served on the Adamstown zoning hearing board for about a decade. He was in his second term on council when he announced his resignation earlier this month. There is one year remaining in his term.

Zander, an outspoken fellow with a big personality, is bound to make Arizona a livelier state.

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