Local artist shares talents with community

By on January 30, 2019

Christina Synder may be new to Lancaster County, but she is not new to art.

She recently moved to the Lancaster area from Nashville, Tenn. where she obtained a BFA in photography from the Art Institute.
But while Snyder enjoys photography, her real passion is the fine arts.

Snyder’s kitchen, after she had the opportunity to redo it and decorate

“No matter how serious I got with photography, I always enjoyed drawing and painting more, maybe because I found it easier to express things that seemed more tangible than a digital file,” she said. Though Snyder shoots on film, she has never developed the rolls.

Snyder’s updated living room

“I’d like to develop them all someday after I’ve forgotten what are on them so that I can surprise myself, kind of like planning your own surprise party but forgetting about it before it happens,” she said. “I hope to find some real gems when I finally do process those rolls or at the very least, some good old memories.”

Lately, Snyder has turned her attention to working with encaustic, and she appreciates the ease with which drawing, painting, and collage techniques can be incorporated into it.

Some of Snyder’s recent pieces hung at Chesnut Hill Cafe in Lancaster throughout November and December. One of those pieces was selected for the October 2018 calendar at Tellus 360.

Snyder’s artwork hung at Chesnut Hill Cafe in Lancaster.

Since moving to Lancaster, Snyder has had the opportunity to indulge in her passion for design and interior decorating, and has completed many updates to her three-story home in the hopes that it would encourage friends to come over to be creative.

“I love to collaborate and learn from other artists and even teach when I can,” Synder shared. “I think even just sitting in the same room with people who are working on their own art while you do yours can be therapeutic.”

Synder values the insight that other artists are able to share.
“Having support from your peers, getting input and giving or receiving critiques can make a huge difference in the process,” she said.

When she’s not working on her personal art endeavors, Synder puts her talents to good use working at Foxchase Golf Club in Stevens, planning and decorating for events and weddings.

“My favorite part about that is… that I get to start with a beautiful blank canvas and transform it into someone’s ideal space,” Synder said. “Finding out how to make someone’s dreams come to fruition whether that be on paper, canvas, or within a space is all I really want to do.”
Aubree Fahringer is the Cocalico editor for The Ephrata Review and can be contacted at afahringer@LNPnews.com.

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