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By on September 19, 2012

Doreen Klunk, Cameron Mills

The Denver Fair received a warm weather welcome last week, returning after Tropical Storm Lee flooded the park just before the 2011 event. We browsed the stands Thursday afternoon to ask visitors what they liked most about the Denver Fair, and how they felt about canceling the town tradition last year.

Doreen Klunk of Strasburg and her grandson,

Cameron Mills of Landisville

"I like the food," said Doreen, who takes her grandson, now in kindergarten, to several area fairs each year. This was their second year coming to Denver. "It’s better than the York fair. This is just a nice little one."

"I like to go on the roller coaster," said Cameron, who planned to take his very first ride on the dragon coaster that afternoon.

Burnell Oberholtzer

of East Earl

"Last year was a relief," joked the East Earl dairy farmer about the 2011 Denver Fair washout. "We didn’t have to wash sheep and get them ready. It was a nice break." For this livestock showman and 10-year fair veteran, the Denver Fair means "a lot of work."

Oberholtzer and his wife, Jen, showed sheep at the New Jersey State Fair and the Maryland State Fair this year, and they plan to attend the upcoming Ephrata and Manheim fairs.

Sally Getz of Denver

"I don’t know if it’s the entertainment or the food … coming down here, relaxing," said Sally, a longtime fair-goer who used to run the church soda stand with her husband, Kerwin.

Sally was glad to see the fair return this year after the 2011 cancellation. "It upset me," she said, "but you knew with all the rain and the way that it looked down here that … no way."

She and Kerwin were looking forward to watching their son play in the band Thursday night as part of Music in the Schools.

Carla and Nevin Schlegel

of Schoeneck

"Definitely the food," said Nevin, a fan of Fair cheesesteaks. His wife, Carla, prefers "waffles and ice cream." Nevin said last year’s rain-out was sad, but he was happy the fair had nice weather this time around.

His afternoon prize was a goldfish, which cost about $7 to win, he chuckled.

"It’s just a little hometown fair," said Carla. "You feel like you’re supporting your community here."

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