No rate hike at Reamstown Pool

By on March 19, 2014

Despite lingering snow and ice, it won’t be long before the Reamstown Pool opens again.

East CocalicoTownship supervisors last Thursday approved pool rates for 2014 that remain the same as last year.

Daily rates are $3 for pre-kindergarten, $6 for students and seniors over age 60, and $8 for adults. Season passes for township residents who purchase memberships before June 9 are $155 per family, $60 for students and seniors, and $100 for adults.

Rates rise $5 after June 9 and rates for non-residents are all higher.

In other news, The board, which is considering a change in the realty tax transfer law, instructed the township’s solicitor to draft a new ordinance.

Chairman Doug Mackley said recent legislation through Act 52 of 2013 has eliminated loopholes that need to be addressed.

“The legislature closed important loopholes in the application of the realty transfer tax by expanding the definition of a real estate company,” he said.

In general, a real estate company is one that is engaged primarily in the ownership of real estate, and such companies are specifically included in the realty transfer tax.

The new law allows the taxing of transfers by holding companies that own interests in real estate companies

• Supervisors are considering opening the zoning office ­ possibly from 5-7 p.m. ­ to better service local residents.

“It’s a board decision,” said Mackley, “but we would like to see some consistency with this. Perhaps this would be the same night as the zoning hearing board meets.”

The matter will be considered further before the board takes official action.

•Township officials had planned to meet with PennDot officials this week to discuss whether PennDot is planning to resurface Colonel Howard Blvd. and work on the Turnpike interchange.

“If they do the interchange they really need to go with concrete instead of what they have been doing,” said township manger Mark Hiester.

There is concern that the process has been slowed further due to a lack of communication within PennDOT.

“PennDOT departments do not always talk to each other,” commented Mackley. “…we need to let them know there are concerns. The general public will not look good on this if they go in and resurface it then a year from now go in an rip it all back out.”

Supervisors adopted a new ordinance setting new weight limits on the KramerMillRoadBridge. The limit for a single vehicle is 20 tons while combination vehicles. are limited to 28 tons. Fines for violators was set at $150 plus an additional $150 for each 500 pounds in excess of 3,000 thousand pounds over the maximum allowable weight.

The new ordinance, which went into effect March 11, complies with county wide bridge inspections, Hiester said. “This is intended to help extend the life of this bridge.”

For additional information, please visit the township’s newly updated website at

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