No tax increase in 2016 expected in Adamstown

By on November 10, 2015


Councilwoman Cindy Schweitzer had some good news for her colleagues at the Nov. 3 borough council meeting as she reviewed the preliminary budget for 2016.

“It’s balanced and there will be no tax increase,” said Schweitzer.

General fund expenditures in the 2016 budget are $625,487 which is lower than 2015 ($731,330).

The reason: Adamstown is not funding the capital reserve account as much in 2016.

The tax rate will continue to be 2.5 mills with no increase to water or sewer.

The following expenditures for capital projects for 2016 were noted:

* $90,000 for continued renovations to the pool which include additional fence upgrades, electrical work, and equipment for locker rooms.

* $30,000 for Stoudtburg trail paving. The trail around the pool is currently stone.

Potential expenditures include:

* $30,000 for a used backhoe.

* $20,000 set aside for continued funding for the future Celebration Park on the Brookview Estates land. This is pending due to a delayed grant.

* $15,000 for engineering work in connection with sewer interceptor line work. The borough has more than $500,000 set aside for this project.

Borough officials say they might contract with the Ephrata Recreation Center to run the pool next year for $68,600.

The Ephrata Rec also manages the Denver pool.

“It’s worked out quite well (for Denver),” said Council President Randy Good. “It’s a little more expensive than this year ($60,000), but a lot of the citizens of Adamstown were not pleased with the way some things went this year.”

There is $75,000 in the general reserve fund.

“That’s money that’s just sitting there waiting for a project,” Schweitzer said. “It’s a nice thing to have should something come up or an emergency. Same thing with the Water Reserve. Some $5,000 is just sitting there.

“I think we ought to lend our expertise to Harrisburg,” joked Dave Matz, council vice president.

In other news, council reviewed a sample noise ordinance draft on which action is expected at the December meeting and go in to effect for all Adamstown residents.

The ordinance pertains mainly to those operating ATVs and dirt bikes which create noise, dust, and fumes.

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