Now watt? Adamstown council officials turned on to LED street lighting

By on December 14, 2016

Street lighting was a prime topic of discussion at the Dec. 6 Adamstown Borough council meeting.

Borough street lights having LED illumination was the topic of discussion by Borough Treasurer Lisa Crouse.

Councilman Mark Bansner asked about the wattage of the LED lights currently on Adamstown Road.

“Those are bright!” said Bansner.

“They are 50 watt LEDs,” said Crouse.

Crouse asked council membersif they would like to switch to the recommended 90-watt LED or use 50 watt.

“One of the concerns in some communities who make this mistake is people complaining the lights are too bright,” said President Randy Good.

A few areas are darker than others.

“It’s very dark at Willow and Main, even with the tree down,” said Councilwoman Cindy Schweitzer.

Depending on cost, council will look at adding another light fixture in that area instead of increasing LED wattage.

On another subject, Mayor Dean Johnson questioned Lt. Thomas Shumaker about automatic license plate readers which the Ephrata Police Department use. (Ephrata police provide coverage for the borough.) The readers are mounted on police vehicles.

“It scans license plates, runs them and checks for suspension, lists vehicles stolen, fugitive status of the owner, as well as expired insurance cancellations, things of that matter,” said Shumaker. “It does it automatically rather than an officer doing it manually every plate they see. We have one in place and looking to add two more.”

The council members also heard from some of their younger constituents.

Preston Good, Richie Dieckhaus, and Connor Leschner visited the meeting from Adamstown Cub Scout Pack 61.

“We are here tonight as part of our requirement for our Arrow of Light,” said Leschner. “The requirement is about our community and issues within it. Our pack is currently asking for donations to help us continue our community support which includes gift bags for the local Colonial Lodge residents, which we will give out during our caroling event. We would also like to offer our support to help the borough with cleanup and any future activities they may need us for.”

Council members seemed interested in working with them in the near and distant future.

In other news:

* Council approved the tax rate for 2017, which will remain 2.5 mills. The rate is the second lowest in Lancaster County for a borough.

This rate includes water and sewer at no increase from 2016.

* Robert Getz was appointed the borough’s sidewalk inspector at a rate of $15 per hour. Getz will be given guidelines as to what needs to be repaired.

“We would look at some of the worst situations and address them first,” said Councilman Mike Wetherhold.

Good recommended looking at how Ephrata Borough handles this because they’ve been “doing this for 35 years.”

Sidewalks may be marked with symbols which tell the borough and workers how they should be repaired. Homeowners will be responsible for costs.

* The borough is trying to establish new guidelines for delinquent. water/sewer billing. A 10-percent penalty will be applied to a bill after a two-day grace period from due date. At 180 days past due, shut-off notices will be sent giving 30 days to pay in full.


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