Phase Two of Denver skatepark improvements outlined

By on August 10, 2016

Matthew Arment of Arment Concrete LLC, reported that the completed first stage of skatepark improvements have received positive feedback. The skatepark is located in Denver Memorial Park at the west end of Main Street.

Arment explained the second phase of the project and answered questions. New concrete features will be added to improve the park and create a continuous flow for skateboards. Also included is removing a six-foot-wide swath of blacktop, adding topsoil, seeding, and landscaping. Initially, several audience members seemed surprised that Ardent was suggesting removing the chain link fence.

“There’s no real need for the fence. It’s there from an insurance standpoint,” said Arment.

Borough Manager Mike Hession concurred.

“Our current insurance carrier views a skatepark like a sports field,” he said. “No fencing is required. Our former insurance carrier required fencing, helmets and several other things which we then put on the sign with the skatepark rules.”

Members of the Park Board and the Rec Board were invited to the Monday, Aug. 8, council meeting. Mindy Stoner was present on behalf of the boards. The Park Board has approved the phase two skatepark plans. The Rec Board meets Monday, Aug. 15.

Although the council could have approved Armament’s phase two skatepark plans contingent on Rec Board approval, no business could be conducted since council didn’t have a quorum.

Four of the seven council members must be present for a quorum. Three council members were present: Chris Flory, vice-president, who conducted the meeting, and Jason South and John Palm.  Absent were Blake Daub, council president; Mike Gensemer; Todd Steward; and Matt Stover.

With the Denver Fair scheduled the week after Labor Day, Arment said he’s eager to begin the prep work needed. Waiting three weeks until the next council meeting eats up valuable time which could be used for working at the park with the long, summer days, he said.

Palm told Arment that he’s already secured Park Board approval. If he secures Rec Board approval next week, he does not foresee any issues that council should have with the approval.

“If we can get the prep work finished by the time of the fair, then the stand we have at the fair will raise funds for the equipment,” said Arment. “The stand will be a Pit Beef stand and we’ll sell our shirts.”

Total project cost is $12,000;  Arment Concrete will fund one-half of the cost.

“Thank you for your support for improving the skatepark,” said Arment.

Hession said Arment has chaired the skatepark improvement efforts and everything has worked out well. No tax monies are involved in the improvements.




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