Property maintenance discussed in Denver

By on May 28, 2014

Denver Council pondered property maintenance issues during its May 12 meeting.

Denver Borough Manager Mike Hession discussed  properties  cited for maintenance concerns at council's  May 15  meeting.

Denver Borough Manager Mike Hession discussed properties cited for maintenance concerns at council’s May 15 meeting.

It targeted three dwellings cited for  maintenance issues among a list of distressed properties in the borough.

Council targeted 10 N. 6th St. whose owner has a May 15 district justice hearing. Officials cited the for structural integrity issues of the front porch.
“This property owner was issued a construction code permit during the week of April 28,” said Denver Borough Manager, Mike Hession. “The owner has never picked up the permit.”

The owner of 422 N. 9th St. missed a May 12th deadline to clear an accumulation of rubbish and trash — including furniture, cans and a mattress with box spring littering the front, side and rear yard. A property check will determine whether a hearing will be scheduled for non-compliance, Hession said.

Officials cited the third property at 633 N. 6th St. for storing appliances on the front porch. A letter regarding property maintenance code compliance was sent since there’s no phone number associated with the property.

“After three stops at the house,” said Hession, “I did get to speak to the homeowner. He explained his situation and indicated the appliances would be moved. I informed him he would receive a letter.”

Vice-President Mike Gensemer, who ran the meeting in the absence of President Blake Daub, asked “does it seem like more property owners are choosing to place things in their yards that create an eyesore?”

Council members noted other “eyesores” in the borough such as parked mobile homes in front of houses and an accumulation of small, household items and toys strewn around the front yard

“It certainly doesn’t send the best message to people driving around considering a place to live in the area,” said Gensemer.

Council members thanked Hession for his diligence working with the borough’s property maintenance code and urged him to “continue to be proactive.”
Hession read sections of the code that prohibit the parking of recreational vehicles on the street and the ban on placing items in the sidewalk set-back.

In other business, council:

• Accepted Martin Limestone’s low bid of $195,807 for the Jefferson Avenue (which includes a portion of Fausnacht Drive) Project. The low bid was $40,000 above what was budgeted so council rejected the bids for the paving of Fausnacht Drive and will reconsider it in 2015.

• Adopted a resolution adjusting Denver Borough tax-collector fees. Adjusted fees include: $25 dollars for a returned check for insufficient funds; $10 for duplicate tax bills; $1 per page for faxed information; and $20 for tax certifications.

• Set a June 24 date to meet officials from Adamstown, East Cocalico Township and West Cocalico Township to discuss bids for the jointly owned 1975 N. Reading Road property.

East Cocalico Supervisors, custodians of the property, will open bids on Fri., June 13. The board will decide July 2 to either accept or reject the highest bid. The board’s vote will depend on the decision of the joint owners.


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