Quarter of citations related to speeding, in Adamstown

By on February 14, 2018

The Adamstown Borough council had a few visitors giving presentations, but few audience members from the public to hear, at the meeting Feb. 6.

Lt. Thomas Shumaker, EPD, went over the 2017 police report for Adamstown.

“Twenty-four percent of citations were speeding related,” said Shumaker.

“I think that’s more speeding tickets issued in 2017 than were issued in the previous five years,” said President Randy Good.

It’s unclear if there were more speeders or more police presence.

Shumaker talked about response time, which has, in the past, had Adamstown residents wary of hiring the EPD.

“Code 1 was 4.3% of the calls and the response time was six minutes, 2 seconds average,” said Shumaker.

Code 1 calls are for extreme emergencies.

Senator Aument’s office sent a staff person to the meeting, Tina Thompson, to ask if Adamstown has any needs they can address.

“The Cocalico area has a need for funding for the capital campaign to help the Adamstown Library,” said Good. “It services Brecknock, Lancaster, Adamstown Borough, Denver Borough, and East Cocalico.”

Council addressed another concern to Thompson.

The boundary lines of Adamstown are in the hands of the Senate instead of the hands of the Geographical Information System, and discrepancies might be taken to court, costing Adamstown residents more tax-dollar money.

Dave Matz was given an answer about where the problem is now with the government.

“They would have to come up with lines redrawn and it would have to go from the Senate to the House and they would also have to confer,” said Thompson. “There are a lot of unknowns right now. I’m not sure where it’s going to end up.”

Cindy Schweitzer said it would “be a shame to spend tax-payer dollars” on the process in court.

“Fix the root cause, and the root cause is how they are drawn,” said Good.

Justin Baas also visited council, representing the Adamstown YMCA.

“We’re more than just a gym,” said Baas.

Baas said attendance was almost 50 percent up from last year in their before-and-after childcare program, which is licensed through the Department of Human Services and a three-star facility with Keystone STARS.

The YMCA is starting a youth lacrosse program in addition to other new offerings.

“In July, the YMCA is hosting a free youth fundraising event called the Adamstown Summer Block Party,” said Baas. “All proceeds go to support youth programming and scholarships. We hope to raise $5,000 for kids!”

Treasurer Lisa Crouse updated council with financial news.

“In 2017, we saved more than $13,000 in electrical expense and 166,000-kilowatt energy hours at the plant,” said Crouse. “That’s huge to me, 31% decrease in energy.”

Crouse’s full report was impressive to Schweitzer, and it was recommended that Crouse send the information to a niche magazine.

“It would be good for other municipalities to see what the potential is,” said Good.

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