Rain barrel making program is June 4

By on June 4, 2012

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

The Cocalico Creek Watershed Association (CCWA) will hold a free meeting for the public on June 4 at 7 p.m. at the Cocalico Sportsman Club on making a rain barrel for your home.

"We hope the general public will take advantage of the free expertise offered with our rain barrel making meeting," Jay Snyder, president of CCWA, said. "This is an easy, important thing that people can do as they consider how to be greener."

To make a rain barrel, the cost is $10 for the barrel and $15 for a diverter if needed. Guests are welcome to come listen and learn about the benefits of using a residential rain barrel even if they choose not to take one home.

Some advantages of residential rain barrels include: reducing water runoff volume from a property and reusing the soft rain water for plants, fish, shampoos and washing cars.

Persons wishing to obtain a free barrel for use as a rain barrel are encouraged to check local feed suppliers and water filtration plants.

Instruction in making and installing a rain barrel is important. One challenge is proper installation at the downspout. Care needs taken to not have a situation of too much water near a house or shed.

Elevating the rain barrel off the ground with blocks, bricks or pressure treated wood helps with easy withdrawal of the rainwater.

A person can construct a rain barrel in minutes and for minimal cost. For additional information, call 859-1630.

The club is located at 585 Sportsman Road, Denver.

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