Sharing fee equals access to Denver & Reamstown pools

By on April 18, 2018

The Denver Pool

Something new is coming this summer for members of the Denver and Reamstown community pools.

An additional twenty-five dollar fee added to the membership cost will permit members to use either pool, Denver or Reamstown, at any time.

When and why might this be helpful? Several scenarios come to mind.

Perhaps on a hot, humid evening when you’d like to take a dip, your pool is closed due to hosting one of several summer swim meets. Now you have the option of using the other community pool. Or, if your teenager’s friends decide to meet at one pool or the other, they can do so at no additional charge. When one pool holds a movie night, dance or late-night swim, you can attend with the use of your shared pass.

It’s convenient and saves money since you don’t need to pay the daily rate fee to use the other pool.

A small group of East Cocalico residents asked the township Recreation Board to consider such a fee, much like a Disney “park hopper” pass, about two years ago.

During the past year, the composition of East Cocalico’s Recreation Board has seen several changes. In addition, the Rec Board and a group of swim team parents dialogued about ideas to strengthen pool membership and the swimming pool experience in general.

Denver has had conversations about pool membership, attendance over the summer season and revenue. Council members agreed the sharing pool pass fee might be attractive to families, especially those with teens. Denver hosts three swim meets a season, and on those evenings, the pool is closed due to the swim competitions.

East Cocalico’s Rec Board contacted a member of Adamstown’s Rec Board to see if Adamstown was interested in the sharing pass system. Although Adamstown was open to the idea, their Rec Board member’s response was “not at this time.”

Pool season is seven weeks away. Each municipal website will post information regarding season pool pass rates and early bird discount rates at the end of April or beginning of May. Denver’s website is or call 717-336-2831. East Cocalico Township’s website is or call 717-336-1720.


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