Supervisors receive Taser proposal

By on August 10, 2011

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

East Cocalico Township Supervisors are considering a police department proposal for the purchase of Tasers.

"I submitted a laundry list of justifications," Police Chief George Beever said. "I plan to do a press release to calm any concerns (if the proposal is approved) that some in the community might have," Chief Beever added.

Chief Beever’s police report at the Aug. 3 meeting noted that GPS units continue to be a target for thieves.

Reamstown Community Pool had park benches thrown into the pool and vandalism to the pool’s stand between July 31 and Aug. 1. Supervisors are looking into camera surveillance proposals to deter this nuisance vandalism.

Seven bids were received for the police department’s three old police cruisers. The winning bid went to Grace Quality Used Cars, Morrisville. Bids for the three cars were $3,756, $4,056 and $3,758.

"That’s a good deal," commented supervisor Alan Fry.

Reamstown Park’s events for National Night Out were a huge success, drawing nearly 1,000 attendees.

"If you wanted a good view of Reamstown," supervisor chairman, Doug Mackley, said, "you could ride up the aerial lift on the fire truck."

Zoning officer Tony Luongo reported that the potholes on Muddy Creek Church Road where it comes off Route 272 will be corrected by the adjacent motel owner paving a 12-foot apron.

Fire Marshall Harvey Achey and Luongo posted the residence at 4 East Summit Drive, after workers cleaning out the house to get it ready to sell reported containers of unknown chemicals in the basement. Hazmat is involved in identification and removal of the unknown chemicals and no one else is permitted in the home until the situation is resolved.

Supervisors granted a time extension to Amelia’s Grocery Outlet until Nov. 22 for their warehouse plans.

"They’re making good progress," said township manager Mark Hiester.

Supervisors approved $856 to Farlow Communications to purchase a camera for the woody waste site, which sustained much illegal dumping last month. Police are watching vehicles entering and leaving the woody waste site.

Color photos of the large amount of illegal dumping are in the latest edition of the township newsletter.

Photos of items dumped illegally, plus some other topics in the newsletter, justified supervisors spending $1,650, which is about double the usual cost, to print this edition of the newsletter in four colors. Supervisors stressed, "The four colors are for this edition only."

Hiester reported that the Humane League’s proposed annual per capita charge for East Cocalico is $8, 888.

"This is up over 70 percent from last year," Hiester said.

In addition to the annual cost proposal, there’s an additional $25 dollar charge each time an animal is picked up.

Supervisors asked Chief Beever to investigate how the state dog officer, who will pick up dogs, could assist the township with stray animals.

Chief Beever indicated that if too many municipalities decided to use the state dog officer, he could become overloaded with cases. Response time would be affected and additional detaining areas for animals might be needed.

Supervisors will consider recommendations for dealing with stray animals prior to the Sept. 15 deadline for responding to the Humane League’s letter.

Supervisor Noelle Fortna said the Lancaster County Planning Commission is requesting a main contact for each township. This will expedite dissemination of information and other materials. Supervisors discussed having one of the full-time office personnel be the contact.

The next East Cocalico Supervisors meeting will be held on Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the municipal building.

The Sept. 7 meeting will be held at Reamstown Fire Hall at 7:30 p.m. Several off-site meetings are held each year to encourage citizens to easily attend their local government meetings.

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