Tax appeal creates loss for Cocalico

By on November 6, 2013



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The school board approved a resolution of Settlement of Tax Assessment Appeals on Oct. 21. The district saw a lost revenue with a tax assessment appeal of two properties: WICU, Inc. and ASP Realty Inc., both on a reduced market value, which equals a loss of about $282,000 for the 2013-14 year until the properties are assessed at a higher value.

"The total amount that we’re refunding for the 2012-13 school year is just under $282,000 and we have reduced income this year for an additional $282,000. We’re taking a major hit this year," said board member Steven Richardson.

Cocalico School Board’s meeting began with a performance from 12 of the 35 members of the Choralaires, who sang a composition by Carl Nygard, a writer the Choralaires commissioned with this year with the help of their director Kristen Diehl.

"You’re a talented group and committed to perfecting your skills and the performances you give us throughout the year," said superintendent Bruce Sensenig. "Thank you very much."

Secretary Sherri Stull explained to the board that the Hunger-Free Kids Act requires a more healthy diet, but less students are eating it. The price of lunches is also going up because of the act, which is resulting in more packing and less buying. The board approved a $200,000 transfer needed from the general fund to the cafeteria fund.

"The price of a lunch has to jump 15 cents to satisfy the federal requirement," explained Stull. "People are going to be looking at their budget and they are going to pack."

The Department of Education released performance grades of districts and assistant superintendent Ella Musser reported on Cocalico’s performance, which scored an average of 90 percent, a commendable grade.

In other business, the board approved the following:

Investments made for the General Fund

Invoices in the amount of $3,767,090.18

Budgetary transfers for the 2012-13 school year

Resolution authorizing commitment of funds for future PSERS retirement obligations and for employee health care costs

Transfer of $2,550,000 from the General Fund to the Capital Projects Fund

Capital Project Fund Account Register in the amount of $291,193.22

Bids for athletic supplies for the 2013-14 spring sports season

Contract with

PDE Comprehensive Plan

Mental Health Parity Act Resolution

Final adoption of policy manual updates and changes, which includes implementing a tobacco-free environment on all school property

Approval to establish a Student Activity Account

Approval of sabbatical leave for professional development for Laura Sorrentino, high school mathematics and Kimberly Sassaman, middle school science

Child-rearing leave for Katie Schlegelmilch, Denver Elementary learning support teacher and Leann Huber, high school health and physical education teacher

Approval of the resignation of Jodie Mitchell, part-time paraprofessional

Supplemental contracts for Megan Lamm, junior high head boys’ soccer coach; James Kreider, junior high head girls’ basketball coach; Jason Roth, varsity assistant swimming coach; Greg Buck, drama technical director/set construction high school and Greg Buck, musical technical director/set construction high school

Support staff: Julie Palm, part-time paraprofessional; Kristin Slovik, full-time administrative assistant; Angela Gray, part-time paraprofessional; Jodie Mitchell, substitute paraprofessional and Karen Eager, food service substitute

Approval of sport event workers and volunteer coaches for fall sports program

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