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By on March 26, 2014

About 100 Cocalico High School students donated their Saturday last week to help raise money and awareness for THON –  dubbed the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.

In the end, math flash cards revealed those students raised $7,125 which met their goal and beat their total from last year.

The message sent: No matter what age, people can make a difference.

THON isn’t only for the kids, or FTK –  which is one of their themes –  it’s FTKBTK-for the kids by the kids.

“Kids are the most underrated group of people in the world and they can do anything,” said Cocalico Principal Chris Irvine.

“If you give them opportunity, they’ll do great things. I think too often in the newspaper and media, you hear about the bad things that kids do and the great things far out way the bad,” Irvine continued. “I’ve never met a bad kid in my life, some are in bad situations.”

This is the second year for the high school six-hour, no-sitting THON which raises money for the Four Diamonds Fund.

The beat of the night was up, with dancing, games and contests. And kids, being more idealistic in nature than adults, don’t want to just create a Band-Aid for pediatric cancer, they expect to find a cure and believe it will happen.

thon1“We’re here supporting against childhood cancer,” said Emily Brubaker. “We’re fighting for a cure. We’re also having fun dancing and celebrating life!”

While the middle school’s recent THON shattered records and was a phenomenal success, things are just getting started in the high school.

Since the kids are selling cookie dough for the track team and other fundraisers, they compete with THON.

There is some debate whether the high school and middle school THONs should be combined next year as does EphrataSchool District.

Cody Leisey’s brother, Hunter, a student at Cocalico Middle School, was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago.

“The middle school does their assembly a couple months in advance to get all the kids psyched for it so they go out and start fundraising,” said Cody, a juior. “Here we did it only a few weeks before the assembly. We should promote it earlier and keep promoting it. We need to ingrain to the kids that it’s a fun time and for a good cause.”

Hunter spent many months at Hershey Medical Center and their family greatly benefited from the Four Diamonds Fund.

“Most people don’t know what the Four Diamonds does and what the money is going to,” said Cody. “The money goes towards research, medical equipment, and helps families so they don’t have to worry about their bills…It allows families to not be so stressed. They can focus on their kid. What insurance didn’t cover, the Four Diamonds Fund took care of the rest.”

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  1. Kevin & Deanna Rupp

    March 28, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    _Michele Walter Fry welcomes your comments

    You wrote: _There is some debate whether the high school and middle school THONs should be combined next year as does Ephrata
    School District.

    This is not correct.

    The Ephrata Middle school Mini-thon and the Ephrata High school mini-thon are two separate events, planned and run by two separate groups. While the two groups did co-operate on certain items and activities, they are not combined. However the total raised by the two mini-thons was combined to present to the Four Diamond’s fund as a donation from the Ephrata area school district (thus the picture in the Review of the combined total).

    Cocalico Middle school did an awesome job!! As a Four Diamond’s Family we say a huge thanks to them and to the High school as well. Together we will beat cancer!!

    Kevin & Deanna Rupp, Four Diamond’s family, Co-Chairs Ephrata Middle school Mini-Thon.

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