Township honors Keppley

By on January 25, 2017
East Cocalico Police Chief Terry Arment (left), and East Cocalico Supervisor Chairman Doug Mackley (center) each read letters of commendation for Sgt. Derrick Keppley’s heroic action which resulted in a liver transplant team being transported to Thomas Jefferson Hospital following an accident on icy roads Jan. 7 near the Denver turnpike exchange. Pictured (from left) are Arment, Keppley, Mackley, and Supervisors Alan Fry and Noelle Fortna. Photo by Alice Hummer

When Sergeant Darrick Keppley came upon a disabled vehicle the first Saturday in January that had slid on ice on Route 222 near Reamstown, he decided to load the occupants, a liver transport team from York enroute to Philadelphia in his cruiser and proceed, with lights and siren, to Thomas Jefferson Hospital.

Arriving in time for the patient, who was on the operating table awaiting the transplant, Keppley never knew until he talked with the widow of William Carbone, who released everyone from HIPPA, that the liver donor was a former officer with the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D. C.

Keppley received a commendation and certificate from his department, the East Cocalico Police Department, and another letter of commendation from East Cocalico Supervisors at their Jan. 19 meeting.

Keppley’s chief, Terry Arment, said at the supervisors meeting that Keppley attempted to reach him by phone at the time of the incident.

A few minutes later, when Arment returned the call, he said: “Keppley had made the split-second decision, as emergency responders must do all the time, to transport the team and the liver the 60-plus miles to Philadelphia.

“I believe he absolutely made the correct decision and would hope every officer would have done the same thing.”

This story has a happy ending. Keppley talked with the liver recipient, who’s doing well and was released Friday, Jan. 20, from the hospital. The grateful recipient thanked Keppley numerous times.

With typical humility, Keppley said: “None of this would have happened without the unselfishness of the organ donor, William Carbone.”


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