Truck traffic in Denver a problem

By on December 5, 2012

By: ALICE HUMMER Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

Would two bell bollards save Denver Borough’s pole at Main Street and S. 4th Street from being chronically hit by large tractor trailers having difficulty negotiating the tight turn?

Denver Council wrestled with the question on Nov. 26, knowing that last week was the third time this fall the pole’s been hit.

Director of Public Works, George Whetsel, explained the additional work this entails for his borough work crew.

"That light pole’s aluminum, so it can be straightened out only so many times," Whetsel said.

The bell shaped bollards would be positioned and locked into the concrete so they’d protect the pole. Commercial vehicles either bounce off a bollard, or are stopped in their tracks.

After formerly seeing a video showing how the bollards perform, hearing about their effective use in older parts of cities for many years, and requesting the Public Works Director do a final check on them, council approved the purchase of two bollards for approximately $3,200.

Downtown Denver has experienced increased truck traffic due to weight restrictions on the Weaver Road Bridge, at the southwest end of town.

The bridge, deemed unsafe following state inspection, is scheduled for $50,000 worth of repairs in Denver’s 2013 budget to increase safety for vehicular, not truck traffic.

Council discussed forming a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to review possibilities for the Weaver Road Bridge.

In other business:

Denver Council approved paying $15,260.58, to cover their share of the East Cocalico Township Police Department’s 2012 Pension shortfall of $92,713.15.

A warm welcome was given to high school student, Rachel Young, who is one of three Junior Councilpersons for this year.

Denver’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony was held Dec. 2 at 4:30 p.m.

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