West Cocalico supervisors OK unique shed permit waiver

By on March 29, 2017

The West Cocalico supervisors, at their March 21 meeting, heard from long-time Schoeneck Lions Club member Walter H. Lesher Jr. about a simple plan to put a 12-foot-by-24-foot shed on Lesher’s own property on Sandy Hill Road in Denver in order to store supplies used by the club.

Lesher asked the board to waive a township fee to erect the building.

Lesher said the club currently rents space, but the monthly rental fee will increase to $40 per month in May.

“It’s money that would go back to the community,” Lesher said of his proposal to store club items on his own property at no charge.

Lesher said the club should have considered the option several years ago, and now has trouble securing storage rental space. He detailed the kinds of activities the club does annually, including charitable work like delivering Christmas dinners to needy local families and helping with heating oil assistance efforts in the winters.

Supervisor Chairman James J. Stoner told Lesher a plan should be in place for the long term in case anything changes.

“If something happens to you — then what?” Stoner said. “What happens to all of the contents?”

Lesher said the group will work to put a plan in place for the handling of the shed’s contents.

“As long as it meets the setbacks and everything else, it’s an improved structure … it’s basically a waiver of the fees.” said Supervisor Ray Burns who estimated a shed permit at around $45.

“It’s a non-profit … I think we have to give it consideration … it sounds like the other options have been exhausted.”

Supervisors unanimously approved waiving the fee.

In other township news:

* Supervisors voted to retroactively declare March 14 snow storm “Stella” an emergency for the purposes of record-keeping. Some record snowfalls, if declared, would allow for state financial assistance; this storm did not meet criteria.

* Supervisors reviewed a thank-you letter from the Reinholds Community Ambulance Association. The West Cocalico contribution of $10,000 hit the high-water mark for municipal assistance to the ambulance association for the purchase of two automatic compression machines that assist in sudden cardiac arrest situations.

Adamstown Borough officials and the Reinholds VFW Post members have also donated.




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