Young Americans New faces elected to Denver Council; Brenner takes seat on Cocalico School Board

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Pictured are (left to right) Matt Stover, Jason South and Christopher Flory, all incoming Republicans to the Denver Borough Council and Blake Daub, who was newly elected to the two-year seat. (Photo by Lucy Riccomini)

With Cocalico residents currently facing a police issue and two contested races on the ballot, voter turn out was pretty consistent during yesterday’s elections.

"Turn out for an off-year election has been pretty steady," said Rod Redcay, who ran unopposed as Denver’s new mayor. "We have picked it up."

Redcay, a Denver resident for the past nine years, is the executive director of R.E.A.L. Youth Ministry. He and his wife Sonny have two children. Redcay served two terms on Denver Borough Council before making the decision to run for mayor after Adam Webber decided not to run for re-election.

"With the former mayor stepping down there was an open seat. I felt it would be my honor to run for mayor."

"I have a servant’s heart," continued Redcay. "I believe that the leader of a community should be a servant to all. And because I have that heart of service, I felt that the best position I can provide is to be that servant to the community."

Redcay’s main concerns are the police issue, funding Denver’s volunteer fire company and the fire equipment needed, keeping taxes low and the well-being of Denver residents.

"Borough Council needs to come up with a way that we can support the volunteer fire company without having to get into adding a fire tax," explained Redcay. "I’d like to keep the taxes in the Borough low. To me, that is trying to find businesses to come in and fill empty buildings."

Redcay is also committed to helping those who are less fortunate in the community.

"We need to help those in need in our community," explained Redcay. "I’ve recently seen an increase of poverty in our community and families in desperate need of assistance. I think that the community can work together to help those that are less fortunate."

Joining Redcay in Denver are incoming Republican council members Christopher Flory, Matt Stover and Jason South.

"I’m excited to work with everybody and work for the community," said Stover. "I think we’ll all work well together."

"I’d like to see improvements in all of Denver with roads and parks and everything," said Flory of his new position on Borough Council. "I think we’ll work well as a team and I think everything will work better."

South took a moment to congratulate the other winners and also focused on some of his goals on council.

"I’d like to serve community and needs as they arise," said South. "I’m glad the police force is situated and I’m looking forward to getting a regional force together. New faces is also a good thing. I’m looking forward to working with everyone and making things happen.

Blake Daub was elected to the two-year seat on council. Upon results of the write-in ballots expected later this week, either Mike Gensemer or John Palm will take the final seat on Denver Borough Council.

School Board

Republican newcomer Richard Brenner will join incumbents John Lorah, Douglas Graybill and Michael Messner, who were all up for election this year. Brenner defeated Democrat Todd Stewart and will replace Steven Richardson on the board.

Brenner is a Denver resident and is an HRIS and Business Analyst for Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. Brenner was also supported by the Cocalico Area Republican Committee.

"I’d like to thank them for their endorsement, continued support and trust," said Brenner. "I thank God for opening this door and the support and trust I received as a new candidate."

Brenner’s goal as a new member of the school board is to keep the taxes in the district low and look to government to properly fund schools.

"I was at all eight polls today and met a number of people and taxes are a huge burden," said Brenner on Tuesday.

"I believe having the ability to collaborate with others, we will be able to continue the successful work that our existing school board has carried out over the decades, impacting generations to follow," said Brenner in an earlier interview. "I look forward to joining the team."


Judge of the Superior Court


Vic Stabile – 30,576


Jack McVay, Jr. – 17,908

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Merrill M. Spahn, Jr. – 46,023

County Controller


Brian Hurter – 36,850

Recorder of Deeds


Bonnie Bowman – 31,705


Stacie Ritter – 17,163

Cocalico School Board


John Lorah – 1,325

Douglas Graybill – 1,255

Michael Messner – 1,273

Richard W. Brenner – 1,165


Todd Stewart – 657

Adamstown Borough Mayor


Dean M. Johnson – 99

Adamstown Borough Council


Benjamin Ray Zentner – 97

David R. Matz – 94

Randy O. Good – 95


Cindy A. Schweitzer – 83

Adamstown Borough Tax Collector


Rosemary Johnson – 101

East Cocalico Township Supervisor


Douglas Mackley – 572

East Cocalico Township Auditor


Harry Eshelman – 644

East Cocalico Township Tax Collector


Joan Fischer – 665

West Cocalico Township Supervisor


Terry R. Scheetz – 392

West Cocalico Township Auditor


Laurie J. Sauder – 397

West Cocalico Township Tax Collector


Norma M. Enck – 373

Denver Borough Mayor


Rodney Redcay – 312

Denver Borough Council


Christopher D. Flory – 238

Matt Stover – 268

Jason South – 216

Denver Borough Council: 2-Year


Blake S. Daub – 307

Denver Borough Tax Collector


Brian Weaver – 326

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