EPAC to unveil ‘Sunday in the Park with George’

By on April 30, 2014

The Ephrata Performing Arts Center is set to perform “Sunday in the Park with George,” a drama centered around artist George Seurat who painted the famous “A Sunday on the Island of La Grande Jatte” with the controversial method of applying small dots of pigment on canvas.

In this rich and romantic tale, “Sunday” travels to 19th century Paris, where George Seurat’s endeavors to capture on canvas the eccentric souls he encounters on a series of Sundays in a park on La Grande Jatte. George’s rampant passion for his work ultimately threatens to quash his relationship with Dot, the woman he loves, and forces him to make the hardest choice he will ever face. In the end, “Sunday in the Park with George” speaks to both the power of love merged with the beauty of art and to how little difference there is between the two.

Kristie Ohlinger, Sean Young and Richard Bradberry in "Sunday in the Park with George."

Kristie Ohlinger, Sean Young and Richard Bradberry in “Sunday in the Park with George.”

Originally written by Stephen Sondheim along with James Lapine, the Broadway masterpiece has won two Tony Awards, numerous Drama Desk Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for drama.

“Sunday” will run May 1 through May 17. Tickets can be purchased at ephrataperformingartscenter.com or by calling 733-7966 x1.

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