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By on November 26, 2019

Denise and Bob Harter, owners of the Black Forest Brewery, broke ground Monday morning, Nov. 25, on a new expansion to the popular gathering spot at 301 W. Main St, Ephrata. The addition will almost double the brewpubs seating capacity to 50 guests by enclosing and renovating the current patio area. Some outdoor seating will remain in a café style setting.

“We were in a position where we needed to have more seating for our guests,” said Denise Harter. “Nobody wants to turn away business.”

The project, under the supervision of Cocalico Builders Ltd., Denver, will also expand the brewery’s kitchen and enable the Harters to expand the current menu and offer full entrees in addition to the current selection of sandwiches, soups, and snacks. The brewery will remain open during construction and the new addition will be ready for patrons at the beginning of March, said Bob Harter.

Denise (left) and Bob Harter, owners of the Black Forest Brewery, Ephrata, broke ground Monday morning on a new expansion. (Photo by Michael Upton)

Currently on tap

Nothin’ Like Friends — American. Soft mahogany in color with a smooth head, the newest addition to the Black Forest Brewery line-up has a malty sweetness with a creamy smooth finish lingering on the palate. This earthy maple like flavor creates a distinctive simplicity making this brew a classic to enjoy a session with friends.

Shreck Tavern Stout — Prominent roasted barley and malt aromas with distinct mocha undertones. This dark chestnut brew has a characteristic bitter snap to it followed by an enjoyable creamy finish.

Americana Pale Ale — This beer grabs its incredible flavor flavor from the pilsner base malts and it’s generous hop infusion. Lighter in color, the Pale Ale is one step closer to enjoying the hopper characteristics of its big brother the IPA.

J.G. Belgian Strong — Belgian Strong Golden Ale, 8% ABV 27 IBU.

Conrad Kolsch — 5.5% ABV 24 IBU.

42nd Mile IPA — A fan favorite, this IPA delivers a sassy slap of the fresh hip atoms craft drinkers crave. A song malt backbone, triple infusion of hoops followed by a dry hop addition make this a pleasing, well balanced IPA.

Black Forest also offers a number of non-beer specialty cocktails, as well as a simple menu of pub fare, including snacks, charcuterie boards, paninis, flatbreads, soups and salads.

For more details, visit blackforestbrewery.net.

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