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By on March 16, 2016

It’s time to fill that dance card.

Stief Performance & Event Services is holding Dance Malibu, a new ballroom dance class at the American Legion.

The next class is set for March 25, with the beginner’s dance lesson starting at 7 p.m. and dancing continuing until 11 p.m.

Ballroom dancing is for all ages, said Gregg and Amber Stief when asked who should attend the classes. Anyone can ballroom dance.

“Most people see dancing in the movies and they want to do what they’re doing but they think they can’t, or that it’s too hard, or they’re too nervous about coming out to give it a try, or they don’t have a partner, or they’ve tried it before and they felt it was too boring,” Amber said. “We are holding these dances to put all of that to rest. Anyone can learn to dance!”

Amber said they will be teaching basics that beginners can pick up and use on the dance floor right away.

“Our dance will be upbeat and fun, anything but boring, and we would love to see dancers of all skill levels come out and party with us,” she said. “If they’re nervous, bring a friend, or bring a group of friends.”

But it is not necessary to have a partner, Amber said.

“Ballroom is very social and dancers often switch dance partners, although it’s not required,” she said. “For the men out there, women love men who can dance and twirl them around the floor. We definitely need more single men out there dancing!”

As for choosing the American Legion, the couple said that was an easy decision.

“With the incredible floor at the Legion and the restaurant and bar right across the hall, we feel this is the perfect place,” the couple said. “As dancers ourselves, we are always looking for a fun place to dance. The most fun we have dancing is when we’re at a bar or club dancing to upbeat popular and current music. We want to offer that fun dance atmosphere without the bump’n grind of a club and without the bar scene and packed dance floor.”

As to if the event will continue, that depends on its success.

“We had a great turnout for our first class,” Gregg and Amber said. The first class was held Feb. 26. “We had a lot of positive reviews.”

Dorothy Grainger of the Legion said years ago, the Starlite Dancers had their functions in their ballroom. “Now we have line dancing there on Thursday evenings,” she said. “If the Malibu Mix is a hit, we would love to continue it.”

The pair stresses that beginners are welcome and needed. This is a safe place to come try it out, they said.

Instructors and dance studios are encouraged to attend, too. A table will be available for them to display their business cards.

“We want them to come and dance with the beginners, help them out, help ballroom grow, and maybe even get more students,” the couple said.

Donation is $10 per person.

Dance instructors and dance hosts get in for half price.

For more information, contact Amber at 725 -2480 or info@stiefdj.com or Facebook

The American Legion Post 429 is located at 300 Cocalico St., Ephrata, in Tom Grater Park.


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