Movie night to benefit Andrew family

By on July 30, 2014

Everyone has their share of fond memories of going to the movies. But for one local couple struggling to beat cancer, going to the movies this Thursday evening will be a night to remember. That night, Eric and Kim Andrew will join countless friends, prayer partners and supporters at 7 p.m. at Penn Cinema, 541 Airport Road, Lititz, for a very special showing of Kim’s favorite movie, Pitch Perfect.

Kim has been battling stage four melanoma, which has metastasized into her lymph system, brain and hip bone. Kim, 30, is currently undergoing chemotherapy in a clinical trial and will get treatments every three weeks for as long as she can tolerate them.

“They’ll be showing Pitch Perfect, which is my very favorite movie,” said Kim. “My husband and I like to watch this movie. I was in an all-girls a cappella group in college, so that made me want to see it in the first place, but it’s very funny and has a lot of heart. I literally never get sick of watching it. And since it makes me happy, my husband endures it (but I think he secretly likes it too).”

Vanessa Klinger, who is a close friend of the Andrews’ from their church, New Holland Church of the Nazarene, has organized Thursday’s showing as both a social event to help lift the couple’s spirits, but also as a fund raiser.

So far, about one hundred tickets have been sold but Klinger hopes it will be a sold out crowd, filling the theater come Thursday evening.

“Tickets are being sold by donation, any amount,” explained Klinger. “They cannot get tickets from the ticket counter at the theatre. I’ve printed a special ticket for this showing. There will be someone standing in the main entrance holding a green bucket taking donations and selling the remaining tickets. They can get tickets that night from this person. If they want to pay with a check it should be payable to Eric Andrew. They must present one of these tickets to the usher for admittance.”

Klinger heaped praise upon the ownership and management at Penn Cinema for their efforts in making this special night possible.

“The man I dealt with directly was Russell Allison. He was fabulous,” said Klinger. “According to him it was a team of managers who made the decision to donate the theatre. In fact, they didn’t even bat an eye when I asked for their help. I only asked for a private theater and suggested possibly half of ticket sales go to Kim. It was their idea to donate it completely. They were outstanding!”

The couple is parents to two small children, Evan, aged three, and Britney, who is only 21 months old.

Prior to her diagnosis last fall, Kim had worked at their church office as a secretary. But now, due to the seizures caused by her brain tumor, she is no longer able to drive. Her husband works as the service department manager for Meadow Valley Electric.

“They’ve been very kind and accommodating to our unique situation,” said Kim of her husband’s employer. “It’s been a huge blessing.”

Even as medical bills continue to mount, Kim and Eric have chosen to keep the faith rather than become too overwhelmed.

“God is really using people to bless us financially,” said Kim. “We will get a large bill and then it seems right after we will get a donation for the same amount! It’s really cool. We are much more conscious to make sure that all of our money is spent responsibly since I’m not working anymore. Of course it’s a little worrisome as the medical bills pile up and all the costs of raising kids, but so far we aren’t too bad off. It helps that Eric is and always has been super responsible with money.”

According to Kim, she was ecstatic when she heard about the upcoming event.

“I couldn’t believe that someone had done something so cool and thoughtful for us,” shared Kim. “I kind of still can’t believe it! It’s so exciting and I’m really looking forward to it. “

Kim was emphatic about the role faith has played in her battle, even setting up a faith-based blog at to document her journey. The tagline from her blog makes it clear where she stands: “My big ‘C’ is Christ. Cancer is a little ‘c.’ “

She also credited the help of two local churches, both the New Holland and Ephrata Nazarene churches. Kim credited both congregations with stepping up to help make sure that the family has meals, prayer support, even help with house cleaning.

“I am not sure where we’d be without the support that we’ve received from our church,” she added.

For additional information on the Pitch Perfect movie, event, email Vanessa Klinger directly at Please also visit Kim’s blog at

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