‘Something to Crow About’

By on December 29, 2015

Each year, tens of thousands of crows migrate to Lancaster to roost for the winter. They seek more plentiful food and enjoy the warmth and protection the city and surrounding towns offer at night.

They’ve been doing it for centuries. The crows’ arrival, however, is not always greeted with enthusiasm by residents and business owners. Some advocate shooting them. Others suggest poisoning as the best method. Long ago, crow shoots were even common in Lititz Springs Park.

“Something To Crow About” features a number of educational platforms, shows and exhibits in the county, and is focused on a positive approach to the crow migration. Events include art shows, lectures, a “Bad Blackbird Ball” with AC/DC tribute band Back in Black at Village Nightclub, and much more. Lititz Family Cupboard has even added “Crow-quettes” to its menu.

“Something To Crow About” encourages creativity, collaboration, and community. Crow-themed events and activities appeal to people of all ages, and bring a little excitement to Lancaster throughout January and February. Best of all, “Something To Crow About” gives people and businesses a platform: a chance to show what they do best, why they are “something to crow about.”

A complete list of shows, events, and exhibits can be found at this link

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